Pre-sales selection

Chloé pants / T by Alexander Wang top  (similar here) / Vanessa Bruno Athé cardigan /  Target Sandals / MICHAEL Michael Kors handbag
Chloé pants / T by Alexander Wang top  (similar here) / Vanessa Bruno Athé cardigan /
Target Sandals / MICHAEL Michael Kors handbag

Admitted, I’m not a blogger that posts frequently. My last post dates back from April! Shame on me… Writing my master thesis, preparing for my exams and still being able to spend some quality time with my friends, didn’t leave any time for writing a new post. I honestly have no idea how bloggers and busy bees such as Elien and Paulien manage to write qualitative texts (always accompanied by great pictures), multiple times a week. But I have good news: My exams are FINALLY over. This past weekend I went on a trip to the belgian coast and of course I couldn’t resist paying a visit to the pre-sales organized by Pied de Poule!

As usual dresses and sweaters bulged out of my fitting room. In the end I went home with the most professional, yet sexy look. This will come in very handy as I will – hopefully – start my professional life really soon. The See by Chloé wide-legged pants are very comfortable and tailored. They are high-waisted and thus accentuate my (personally) favorite and best asset. You can combine it with every color, but I prefer to combine the pants with this pale pink tank top. To finish the look, I’ve bought this gorgeous, multicolored, neon-ish cardigan! This all at -30%!

Cocktail party, lunch date or work: this look is up for anything!

How would you combine this pants?



Skiing essentials!*

Ski essentials
1. Ski jacket – Roxy / Sweater – Kenzo / 2. Thermal underwear – Roxy / 3. Scarf – Abercrombie & Fitch /
4. Ski pants – Roxy / 5. Goggles – Roxy / 6. Ski socks – Wed’ze / 7. Skis – Roxy /
8. Snow boots – Sorel / 9. Toe warmers – Grabber 10. Baggy Beanie – LN Beanies

Now my exams are finally over, I can start counting down the days to my annual skiing trip next week. Ever since I was 4 years old, I went skiing at least once a year. It’s always such a fun holiday! Our destination, this year, is the world’s largest (and my favorite) ski area: Les trois vallées!

Unfortunately skiing isn’t the most fashionable sport. The clothing is often shapeless, snow boots are unelegant, and let us not forget the hideous thermals you’re wearing to prevent yourself from getting cold. But with these skiing essentials all of those problems are in the past!

This week’s Look of the Week is based on the most wanted sweater of this moment: The Kenzo Tiger sweatshirt! I used its colors as a basis for my entire look. Ever since I was little I loved the Roxy skiing collection. It’s always very bright and colorful, with often crazy prints! When I noticed that Roxy had a jacket and pants with the tiger’s colors, I just needed to add them to my whislist! Colorblocking? Check!

But that’s not all you’ve seen from Roxy.. I also added a multicolored goggle with orange glasses (which will make you see the end of the slopes and the small & large bumps), some skis (duh!) and last but not least thermal underwear! It’s a hard task to create cute thermal underwear, but Roxy has succeeded! YAY!

Of course you’ll need some snow boots for the ‘après-ski’. There’s nothing more uncomfortable than walking in your skiing boots. Thank God Sorel came to the rescue! Their boots will prevent you from slipping and will keep your feet warm and dry. If you have a habit of quickly getting cold feet, toes or hands there’s also another solution: Grabber’s warmers! These pads heat your feet almost for 6 hours, so you can use them both in your skiing boots as well as in your walking shoes!

Also accessories can’t be left behind. In my opinion LN Beanies provides the best winter accessories! I’ve had my baggy beanie for over two months now and it’s my favorite compagnon in these cold winter days! All of LN Beanies or LN Andes knits are made from 100% baby alpaca. Finally a beanie that doesn’t stings!

So, shall we go shopping?



Burgundy is the new black..*

Burgundy is the new black

1. Dress – Etoile Isabel Marant / 2. Cashmere Sweater – Miu Miu / 3. Flats – Charlotte Olympia / 4. Necklace – Mawi / 5. Cap – Topshop / 6. Bag – Zara

‘Burgundy is the new black!’ If you didn’t know that by now, you’ve probably been living on Mars the past few months. This warm, dark red-ish colour has made its way from the runway to my closet in no time! And that’s why I devoted this week’s ‘Look of the Week‘ to these winter must-haves!

What I love most about the color is that anyone can wear it. Whether you’re a blonde, a brunette or you’re hair is black, burgundy will suit you perfectly. When wearing this color a brunette will get this instant ‘chiqueness’, while a (platinum) blonde will seem more ‘warm’. For them, I sometimes find black too harsh and too ‘goth’. And you have to admit, this beanie would look superb on everyone!

The second asset of burgundy is that it matches gold so well! To indicate this I chose the cute Charlotte Olympia flats (with golden sole!) and the gorgeous Mawi necklace! The ‘cool’ vibe you’ll get out of the Zara bag, while the sweater adds some ‘preppyness’ to the outfit. Of course you can’t leave home without this awesome dress by Isabel Marant! Casual, but yet a bit edgy… LOVE! I think you’re ready to go, no? 🙂

Oh and by the way, I guarantee that your Christmas tree will like it as well!




1. Funny Moustache Sunglasses - Attitudeclothing / 2. Burgundy Moustache Sweater - hipvoordeheb/ 3. Watch - Asos / 4. Earrings - River Island (similar here & here) / 5. Bracelet - Asos / T-shirt Jessica Biel - Eleven Paris / 7. Mug - Etsy (similar here)

1. Funny Moustache Sunglasses – Attitudeclothing / 2. Burgundy Moustache Sweater – hipvoordeheb/ 3. Watch – Asos / 4. Earrings – River Island (similar here & here) / 5. Bracelet – Asos / T-shirt Jessica Biel – Eleven Paris / 7. Mug – Etsy (similar here)

Last week, on the first of November, Movember started. During November, Movember asks men all over the world to grow a moustache. With this action they want to raise awareness for men’s health issues, such as pancreatic cancer. When the month is finished, they all can shave their moustaches off.

Unfortunately women can’t grow moustaches, nor shave them off (at least I hope you can’t..). Therefore I made a Look of the Week to support this good cause. By wearing one of the items above, you can raise awareness for this ‘special’ month. All of the items will pop in the eye and draw attention. People may ask you what you’re wearing and where you got it. That’s the perfect time to tell them about Movember, don’t you think?

Not a fan of having moustacheclothing or -accessories, but you do want to support Movember? Then you can always donate some money to this charity (here)..



Road trip *

I'm going on a roadtrip!

As some of you may already know: I am going on a road trip in September! It was a last minute decission but now it’s for sure: Westcoast here I come! After three years of spending my last weeks of summer break in NYC, spending my vacation on the other side of the USA will definitely be an adjustment. But I’m so excited! Unfortunately I have to retake two exams a couple of days before my departure, so you can imagine that I’m counting down the days. Despite of all the studying and summarizing, I still managed to put together my ideal road trip look.

A perfect road trip look is comfortable (cause you’ll be spending a lot of time in the car), yet stylish (cause you’ll be visiting a lot of places and cities). In a way I find that the ideal road trip can match up to some of the amazing Coachella streetstyle pics we’ve seen. Rock’n roll, yet feminine, fun and practical! Chiara Ferragni is definitely one of the bloggers that rocks the look best! From a girly girl, she can turn into a ‘tough chick’ instantly. That’s why I chose her picture at Coachella for this week’s board.

I composed this week’s look of the week by combining Chiara’s look and my own. I’m definitely not a ‘rock chick’, but more of a ‘Charlotte (SATC) meets Queen B (Gossip Girl)’ type of girl. Though I do love Chloé’s studed buckle ankle boots, I can’t really see myself wearing them. In black, they’re a bit ‘too different’ from my own personal style, but in beige: OH MY GOD, they’re just perfect! Because of the more neutral color, the gold stands out less and therefore I probably like them more. The Prada slippers on the other hand may be a great replacement for the boots. Pretty, light and no risk of blisters!

As usual, I chose a bag in the same color as the shoes. I’ve been searching for the perfect black bag for months now, and I’ve finally found him! Recently I discovered this petite 3.1 Philip Lim bag and it’s to die for! I’m kind of over the large satchels and totes, so this one has the perfect size. A definite plus is that you can only take the necessary stuff with you. No sore back at the end of the day, any more! I know what I’ll be saving for…

For clothing I went for a simple, yet gorgeous pale pink blouse and a jeans short. You can’t go wrong with that. Of course my Prada Baroque sunglasses can’t be left at home. They’ll definitely become my road trip partner in crime!

No unfortunately LA is not on the list, but Washington is! So if you have any tips on where to go, to shop, to … in San Francisco, Las Vegas, … and Washington DC, please leave comment at the bottom of the post. Thanks!



Beach to night*

From left to right: H&M bikini – Missoni Bikini – Vanessa Bruno playsuit – Garrett Leight California Optical Speedway Sunglasses – Marc by Marc Jacobs bag – Gold Kendra flip flops – Lika Mimika Classic Coral Leather Espadrilles

YES! Summer has finally arrived! After weeks, no.. MONTHS of complaining about our bad Belgian weather, the sun has finally come through. And of course exams have come as well.. So in stead of enjoying the sun, I’m locked up (as are a lot of students) in my room with my books. Talk about bad karma..

The most fun thing to do during the several study breaks is to fantasise about a Summer holiday! I can already imagine myself sitting on a beach in the south of France, say Cannes, St. Tropez or St. Maxime (it’s all in the name ;) ). When visiting these villages near the Côte d’Azur it’s often a dilemma what to wear. It’s hard to blend in into these fashionable towns. You don’t want to be too introvert and look like a tourist, nor do you want to be too extravert (with people staring at you thinking ‘What the hell is she wearing?’). An outfit that you can wear both to the beach as to an evening dinner afterwards, is something VERY handy!

Therefore I chose these items. They’re almost all from high fashion brands & quite expensive, but I’m sure that clothing stores such as H&M, New Look, Zara or Forever 21 will be able to offer you some similar pieces. The Vanessa Bruno playsuit is an item you can wear both casual as chic. During day-time you can wear it with espadrilles and in the evening with gorgeous flip flops or even heels. The Missoni Bikini is simply amazing! I often don’t like knitted bikinis, but this one is so detailled and with the typical Missoni print that it was love at first sight. The Marc by MJ bag, has been on my wishlist for months. In my opinion it’s a perfect beach bag! A lot of space to put your sunscreen, magazines, sunglasses, etc… Only disadvantage is that you can’t fully close it, so you’ll probably need to remove a lot of sand out of it. But then again: “Who wants to be beautiful, must suffer”. 😉

What’s your destination this summer? And more importantly what will you be taking with you!?



Pretty in Pastel..*

Pastel love

Together with Neon and Flowers, Pastel will be one of the main trends for the upcoming Summer. On my trip to Tenerife I couldn’t keep myself from buying a mint knitted sweater and a nude pink embroidered pants at Zara. I can’t wait to wear these items with new loafers (that I am still searching for) and an amazing handbag (that I hope to be buying Saturday on my shopping trip with my BFF). What do you think on this outfit of the week? Any suggestions on handbags or loafers? Where I can find them, the colour I should buy them in, …? Your advise is always welcome!



Homewear to be seen…*

I have to admit, this period of the year is my least stylish period. While I’m studying for the exams I always wear sweatpants, with socks over them and an oversized T-shirt. You can imagine why I DON’T want to be seen in such an outfit. This weeks Look of the Week is comfortable and cosy look in which I WOULD want to be seen in.

The look consists out of a sweatshirt which is both sporty as chic on a skirt or over a dress. I love the purple hearts. Although it’s a grey and dark sweater, the hearts brighten it up at the same time. An assorted cute purple top and sweatpants which finally aren’t Abercrombie and Fitch. Yes the brand is still very popular, but I am so sick and tired of seeing it all the time.

In my opinion feeling comfortable while studying, is one of the most important reasons for having a good concentration. I can’t have any distraction. No music, no phone, no computer and even my hair has to be out of my way. In a ponytail, in a knot or just with a head band out of my face. But still I manage to change my tail or knot like 25 times a day :p.

Taking care of your health and skin is also important. You need to have enough vitamins to get through those long study days. Drink enough water to stay hydrated. And last but not least clean your skin every day. It actually should be a ritual, whether it are exams or not. In my opinion Clinique 3 step program is the best! Cleaning, exfoliating and hydrating are the 3 steps that soften your skin. You cannot forget that you are inside the entire time and therefore your skin won’t get its daily portion of minerals out of the air.

So take care of yourself and good luck with your exams (if you have them..)



Now I ain’t saying she’s a gold digger..*

Gold digger

While composing this week’s Look of the Week, I got inspired by the oldschool song: Gold Digger by Kanye West. No, I’m not a fan of RAP, but somewhere in the past I did add it to my iTunes playlist. Because my previous posts all had something to do with Christmas and the holidays, there was only one subject left to be discussed: What to wear for New Year’s Eve?

The combo ‘Gold’ and ‘Blake Lively’ is just perfect. This actress is definitely THE goldilocks of the moment. I love her waivy hair that is so beautiful, shiny and healthy. She always looks more beautiful with her hair down than up. If you want to try the  ‘California Beach Girl’-look for New Year’s Eve, I’d certainly recommend it. You may think it’s a bit too casual for a NYE party, but if you add a strapless dress, some gorgeous earrings and shimmering heels, you’ll be the queen of the night!

Although the overall look has sparkles all over the place, I still find it very wearable. Yes you do have sparkles on your shoes, dress, earrings and bracelets, BUT the soft pink Miu Miu clutch points out the cream in the dress. It tones down all of the gold. If you are having diner with friends before going all wild, you can always wear a casual scarf over the dress. It’ll make you feel less “naked” and definitely more warm.

Of course confidence is the key for making or breaking an outfit. So if you don’t like all of the gold, just chose a colour that combines well. One advice: make sure you’ve sorted out your outfit a couple of days before the actual event. You don’t want to come to the conclusion that you don’t have any stockings without holes (or something like that).

I hope you’ll like this outfit, maybe even copy it and that you’ll have your NY-kiss. Cause that’s what we all want at midnight right?



A Casual but Classic Christmas..*

A Casual Chic Christmas

I don’t know what your plans are for Christmas Eve, but mine are casual and classic. I’ll be having dinner with my family.  And just like every year my dad will be the amazing chef that provides us with delicious food! I can hardly wait for the warm apple filled with cranberries, duck and some pommes du chefs on the side! Besides the presents, this is my favorite thing about Christmas! A four course meal, eating all evening long and with every course I can open a present. It’s one of those traditions. As a child I was always too curious about what presents under the three would be for me. Therefore I drove my parents nuts with my complaining and they came up with this as a sollution which became a tradition in the end. I’m already curious about my presents this year! More about my wishlist tomorrow!

In my opinion it’s not because you celebrate Christmas at home, that you don’t need to dress up. Of course you don’t need to go all the way and sparkle up your outfit with all the diamonds and golden necklaces that you have, but you do need to look presentable.

I love the red dress by Alexander McQueen. As the title mentions it is quite casual but also very chic. With the right tights and beautiful heels, you’ll just look like Blair Waldorf! Also it’s colour is very warm and “Christmassy”. Although I first wanted to combine the bordeaux colour with bright pink in the Gucci way, I decided to go for black in the end. Black is always good for a festivity! The heels are quite high, but since you’ll be sitting all evening anyway you’ll feet will be able to survive!

I celebrate Christmas at home, but some of you will go celebrate at your aunt’s or grandparent’s. Since we’ll maybe have a white Christmas this year, I’ve selected a warm but fashionable coat. The black cape is to die for! The little details like the collar really make it a must-have piece! Although I already have my cape for this winter, I really wish I had known about this one first. I definitely would have saved my money for this one.. Too little, too late.

As I said I’m not a fan of lots of accessories for a family gathering, so I stayed with the basics. A Chanel bag, which I adore and a small golden Tiffany and Co ring. Most of the time I only like the leather Chanel bags, but this red fabric is just too fabulous for words. Timeless as always…

What will you be wearing for you Christmas Eve party?



Baby it’s cold outside..*

Baby it's cold outside

‘Baby it’s cold outside’, not only a song by Astrid Bryan and numerous other artists, but also a fact! Although it’s only fall, I already feel winter and snow coming up! They say this winter will be one of the coldest ever! So I guess Belgium will be covered under a snow blanket, the streets will become slippery and the traffic will be going mad (since nobody can drive in this weather..). Thank god, with Winter also comes Christmas and New Year’s Eve!

Some of you will celebrate their first Christmas at and with your boyfriend’s/girlfriend’s family. Because it will be your first Christmas together, I believe you need to make a flawless impression. Not only do you need to mannered, but you also need to find a perfect Christmas present. In this week’s ‘look of the week’ I’ve put together some suggestions for you to get inspired and find that perfect gift!

This year the Scandanavian print is a huge trend! Of course on sweaters and scarves, but also on bags, hats, gloves and even leggings! I am totally in love with this beige reindeer long sleeve top by Philip Lim. It’s SO cute! You can buy it for yourself or maybe for your sister in law. For a niece, I have selected this ADORABLE strawberry cap. I personally am a fan of the Ugg ear warmers. They are very warm and soft, but not over the top with lots of fur!

As you might have noticed, these items are all for women. The everlasting problem is and remains: What do you need to buy for men? I’d say: Go with a bottle of champagne, wine or a large bottle of Belgian beer. That’s always fine! But be sure that whatever you buy, the person getting the present, will like/love it! If your not sure that they will like it, just stay safe with perfume or flowers or a gift voucher such as Bongo. It may be impersonal, but it’s the tought that counts!

I don’t think that you will be going to your Christmas dinner party in leggings and Uggs, so the perfect Christmas outfit is coming up next week! Make sure you check it out!



Prom night..*


Met de feestdagen in het verschiet, is ook de tijd voor de galabals weer gearriveerd. Deze week alleen al kreeg ik 2 twee keer de vraag of ik enkele vrienden wou vergezellen. I like to play dress up, so of course I told them: YES! Natuurlijk is het bepalen van je outfit de moeilijkste vraag in aanloop naar het event. Net zoals voor oudejaarsavond, ligt mijn outfit al enkele dagen vooraf vast. Jammer genoeg kan je niet voor elk bal een andere jurk kopen. Jammer genoeg leven we nu eenmaal niet aan the Upper East Side, waar we elke week een ander prom of charity event hebben of waar we al genoeg naam en faam hebben gemaakt om jurken van bekende ontwerpers te kunnen lenen.

Deze week heb ik twee look of the weeks geselecteerd, die ik zelf graag op mijn prom zou dragen. Bij het selecteren van je outfit is het belangrijk na te denken over je ‘look’ maar ook over het ‘comfort’. Zo zijn high heels echt FABULOUS, maar zie je jezelf er echt al heel de nacht op dansen? I didn’t think so… In mijn ogen zit het zo: kies je voor een korte jurk, ga voor hoge hakken met ‘platform’. Je benen lijken automatisch langer en slanker, maar door het ‘platform’ verkleint de hak, dus loop je automatisch al minder kans op pijnlijke voeten. And who doesn’t like a short sexy dress with high heels?

Als je al groot van gestalte bent, kan je ook opteren voor een lange jurk. Toch zijn ook hier hakken belangrijk, maar ze hoeven niet zo extreem hoog te zijn. Indien je 1m80 bent, kan je zelfs gemakkelijke “cowboyboots” onder je jurk dragen. Geef nu toe: Als je zo’n jurk draagt, let er toch niemand op je schoenen!?

The casual bling moet natuurlijk ook toegevoegd worden. But don’t overdo it! 1 paar grote oorringen en een armband/ring of 1 grote ketting met 1 grote ring. Indien je ALLES met elkaar combineert ga je uiteindelijk op een kerstboom lijken and who wants that?

Anyway, get inspired, look amazing but most of all: HAVE FUN!



One more week…*

Versace for H&M

After the collaboration between H&M and designers such as Stella McCartney, Karl Lagerfeld, Viktor and Rolf and Sonia Rykiel, it’s now time for Versace. We have known about it for quite some time, but now the launch is almost there! This week H&M and Donatella Versace presented their works of art in New York to the entire fashion scene! You can imagine that there were a lot of celebrities such as Blake Lively, Nicki Minaj, Prince, Uma Thurman and even our own Belgian stylist and blogger Tiany Kiriloff!

As we all know Versace stands for: colour, extravagance, sexyness and femininity. I won’t deny that this collection is extremely colourful and that not everyone will like it (neither will their wallets). I’ve never been a fan of kitsch prints (like the palmtree boxers, or the multicolour dress) and that’s why I have chosen for my favorite black (and silver) pieces.

While the classic black dress is the PERFECT LBD for every womens closet, the strapless top is sexy, the black skirt (and top) with studs is kind of grungy, the sleeveless black dress is rock and roll and the silver dress is just HOT for going out (NYE??) There is just a Versace piece for every women! All ages, all sizes! My personal favorite is the strapless top. It has this Asian vibe because of the design combined with the black fabric and colourful flowers. It makes me want to go to China, Thailand or some other country in the East immediately! I can imagine myself wearing it with jeans, black heels and a pink belt (also sold at one of the H&M stores)! Of course it’s an outfit for going out on (for example) a thursday night. Of course you can also wear it for drinks or a dinner date, but then I’d combine it with a large knitted sweater. The colour doesn’t matter, as long it’s not grey! It would make your outfit turn into something too casual and boring!

In case you need me but you can’t seem to find me anywhere next Thursday morning.. Then come and find me! I will probably be one of those crazy fashion-addicted people that will be standing in line for hours, outside the H&M store in Antwerp. Maybe I’ll see you there?



Easy going Uni outfit

This week’s look of the week is all about the perfect school outfit. It has to be comfortable, but still a bit chique, sporty but still classy. I’m kind of sick and tired of the whole “jeans meets hoodie” look for going to school. Ok, you don’t need to look really fancy for class, but in my opinion when you’re older than 21, hoodies are only for going to the gym and sitting at home. They are comfortable, but NOT stylish. It’s not because Abercrombie and Fitch, Hollister and Superdry are really popular with 16 year olds, that you always have to wear them too!

My inspiration is based on the Tommy Hilfiger add (on the picture). I see the adds by this all time American brand every morning while walking to class and they really make my day. Not only do I recognize some models in it (for instance Jacquelyn Jablonski) who we’ve worked with, but these adds remind me WHY I’m still in school. Although I’d love to have a job in fashion right now, I also want this degree. I believe it will help me in making my dreams come true. This add motivates me time after time.

The look is not really that American or preppy, but it is inspired on the colours in the photograph. Since I am a huge fan, I already knew the Isabel Marant sneakers. I started searching for pants, tops, etc in the colours of the shoes. Yes I am a mix-and-match girl. You won’t ever see me wearing yellow on these shoes! The watch is very cute and small, just the way I like it. I’m not really a fan of those HUGE watches. A watch always needs to have a little bling and femininity in it. This beautiful piece will help you count down the minutes until class ends and you can have lunch with your friends. It’s a day to night outfit. Perfect for school, lunch and afterschool drinks!

I hope you like my mixymatchy style!



P.S. With special thanks to my good friend and fashionista Zoë (aka Felicity). If it wasn’t for her I would still not know Polyvore (a website that helpes me making my looks of the week) and I would still be struggling with photoshop.