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‘The Impossible’ is possible..*

First things first: HAPPY NEW YEAR! I have been studying for the past few weeks, therefore I didn’t have any inspiration nor any subjects to write about. Only posting ‘Happy New Year’, would be a bit dull, so I waited until I found an inspiring subject. What I would like to wish you? Everything your heart longs for, a year filled with love, friendship, health & happiness and may you also experience luck…

Luck, one of the keywords that comes to my mind after seeing The Impossible’the movie on the Tsunami which hit Thailand (among others) in 2004. Some of my friends and my aunt adviced me to go see it. And so I did to escape my books (my first exam is on Monday, so you can imagine I’m already stressed out!). Never had I ever seen a movie that had such an effect on me. I was litterally blown away by this film. My friends warned me to take tissues with me, since I’m kind of a ‘crybaby’. Believe me, I needed them!

The Impossible

The Impossible

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Italian-French Panini..*

It’s Sunday, for most of us the only day we can rest. Still the laundry needs to be washed and the house needs to be cleaned. At the end of the day you don’t feel like cooking, but you do want to eat something healthy. Try this: An Italian-French Panini!

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Roadtrip Week 2: Las Vegas!*

After having spent 4 days at the (rainy and windy) Belgian Sea side and 2 days in a sports center in the small town called Hazewinkel, there is nothing I long more for than Las Vegas.

On our roadtrip we visited a lot of national parks, so the city of Las Vegas brought a welcome change. We stayed at the gorgeous and very modern Vdara Hotel. It didn’t have a casino, nor a club, but since Las Vegas has plenty of them , this wasn’t a problem. It actually brought a certain serenity to the Las Vegas liveliness. Our hotel wasn’t situated on the famous strip, but it was connected with the Aria Hotel and the Bellagio, which made it very easy to access Las Vegas Boulevard.

Las Vegas Boulevard

Las Vegas Boulevard

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Pied de Poule..*

When the postcard above arrived in my mailbox this morning, it suddenly hit me.. I totally forgot to tell you about my new favorite store! I’ve been postponing it for quite some time and with my exams it also kinda skipped my mind, due to lack of time. BUT thank God, my re-examinations are over. I’m back in ‘holiday mode’ and relaxed! So… let’s meet PIED DE POULE!

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Strawberry Pie..*

Ever since I bought my ‘wannabe’ Kitchen Aid, I’m totally into baking. When I’m invited by friends to come over for diner or drinks, I’ve created the habit of always taking something with me. It used to be a bottle or wine, or something alike, but lately it’s often something ‘sweet’. Some cookies, macaroons, cupcakes and last friday: a strawberry pie!

Though you can buy a strawberry pie at your bakery, it’s more ‘special’ when you’ve baked it yourself. It tells your guests that you appreciate them having you over & it’s polite, delicious and fun all at the same time! And more important: SO EASY!

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Breakfast Triffle..*

As you may have read (here), you know that I find a good breakfast every morning, very important. A glass of fresh orange juice is my immediate vitamin kick of the day. This accompanied with some yoghurt, muesli and apple OR oatmeal with dried fruit or blueberries completes my daily routine. But I have to admit that when I go out for breakfast, I can’t resist a big bowl of granola. So when I saw the ‘Homemade Granola‘-recipe on A Beautiful Mess, I just had to test it!

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