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Currently Craving: Prada Baroque Sunglasses*

Some may say they’re so 2011, but I am actually still a fan of them: Prada Baroque Sunglasses! Ever since I  saw them last year on several blogs, street style pictures and in boutiques, I have been craving for them. But in the end I didn’t buy them. In my collection there were already a pair of brown D&G sunglasses, a pair of oversized black CCDK ones and a pair of Gianfranco Ferré aviators. Three pairs of quite expensive sunglasses and unfortunately you can only wear one pair at a time.

Not only the ‘budget’-aspect played a part in my decission, but also the look of these Prada’s. They’re quite artistic and therefore I wasn’t sure if I’d still adore them a year later. Well, they’ve survived the test, because I want them even more!

Every woman knows that you can’t have enough shoes nor can you have enough handbags. Well sunglasses definitely fit into that list! Apparently the baroque-style is still very popular, cause when I went to buy them a couple of weeks ago there was only one pair available in the entire world! Thank god the glasses went in production (again) a week later. I’m counting down the days until I can put this gorgeous masterpiece on my nose! Now all we need is sunshine…

When I’ve finally received them, I’ll show you! 😉




See, love, want, buy, ADORE…*

This last month I’ve went a bit in shopping overdrive. You know that feeling when you see something in a store or when you see someone wearing exactly what you’ve been looking for? Well, it happened to me a billion times the past few weeks! Everything I saw and liked, I NEEDED to have! Consequence? The VISA-bill will arrive in just a couple of days, so my ‘clothing’bank account will go into red.. Bye bye purchases in May!

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GIMME: Chanel 2.55


Every century has its iconic pieces. The Chanel 2.55 bag is definitely one of the most famous pieces of the 20th century. Produced in 1955, it is, until today, a to-die-for handbag. I don’t know a single woman that wouldn’t want to own this Chanel piece. Although its look changed a bit over the years, Chanel’s current designer of accesories, Laetitia Crahay (a Belgian btw!) remained faithfull to its original design. Currently the bag’s lock isn’t always the famous double CC anymore, but a rectangle. I remain old fashioned and therefore I am more fond of the original execution.

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