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Pre-sales selection

Chloé pants / T by Alexander Wang top  (similar here) / Vanessa Bruno Athé cardigan /  Target Sandals / MICHAEL Michael Kors handbag
Chloé pants / T by Alexander Wang top  (similar here) / Vanessa Bruno Athé cardigan /
Target Sandals / MICHAEL Michael Kors handbag

Admitted, I’m not a blogger that posts frequently. My last post dates back from April! Shame on me… Writing my master thesis, preparing for my exams and still being able to spend some quality time with my friends, didn’t leave any time for writing a new post. I honestly have no idea how bloggers and busy bees such as Elien and Paulien manage to write qualitative texts (always accompanied by great pictures), multiple times a week. But I have good news: My exams are FINALLY over. This past weekend I went on a trip to the belgian coast and of course I couldn’t resist paying a visit to the pre-sales organized by Pied de Poule!

As usual dresses and sweaters bulged out of my fitting room. In the end I went home with the most professional, yet sexy look. This will come in very handy as I will – hopefully – start my professional life really soon. The See by Chloé wide-legged pants are very comfortable and tailored. They are high-waisted and thus accentuate my (personally) favorite and best asset. You can combine it with every color, but I prefer to combine the pants with this pale pink tank top. To finish the look, I’ve bought this gorgeous, multicolored, neon-ish cardigan! This all at -30%!

Cocktail party, lunch date or work: this look is up for anything!

How would you combine this pants?





Is it a short or a skirt?

© Rumi Neely for Fashion Toast

© Rumi Neely for Fashion Toast

Ever since I saw Rumi Neely‘s post on this Zara skirt/short the item has been on my wishlist. And now… it’s MINE!

I’ve been fantasizing on how I could style this skirt/short for a couple of weeks now. Because it gives the impression of being a short skirt (though it’s actually a short) there are multiple ways on how you can wear this piece. Some examples:

1 skirt - 5 ways
1. Skirt - Zara / 2. Jacket - Mango / 3. Blouse - Zara / 4. Top - 
Alexander Wang / 5. Top - Suno / 6. Top - 3.1. Philip Lim / 7. Flat 
sandals - AX paris / 8. Clutch - H&M / 9. Sandals - Alexander Wang

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NEW IN: Sandro Jeans

During Easter Weekend I went on a short citytrip to Paris with my BFF. In spite of the cold and our sore feet & muscles, we had a BLAST! It was my fifth time in the city of blinding lights. Of course I had seen most of the touristic spots on my previous trips, so this one was all about what Charlotte (the BFF) really wanted to see (it was her second time in the city), some spots I had yet to discover and stores, stores, stores!

You may be surprised that after one day only, having seen cultural highlights such as Montmartre (Moulin Rouge, Place du Tertre and Sacre Coeur) and all kinds of stores (Galeries Lafayette, Chanel, la Rue Saint-Honoré (Colette!)), we (Charlotte) only shopped 1 thing: an egg shaper! We had been very good girls! Until the second day at least…

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Skiing essentials!*

Ski essentials
1. Ski jacket – Roxy / Sweater – Kenzo / 2. Thermal underwear – Roxy / 3. Scarf – Abercrombie & Fitch /
4. Ski pants – Roxy / 5. Goggles – Roxy / 6. Ski socks – Wed’ze / 7. Skis – Roxy /
8. Snow boots – Sorel / 9. Toe warmers – Grabber 10. Baggy Beanie – LN Beanies

Now my exams are finally over, I can start counting down the days to my annual skiing trip next week. Ever since I was 4 years old, I went skiing at least once a year. It’s always such a fun holiday! Our destination, this year, is the world’s largest (and my favorite) ski area: Les trois vallées!

Unfortunately skiing isn’t the most fashionable sport. The clothing is often shapeless, snow boots are unelegant, and let us not forget the hideous thermals you’re wearing to prevent yourself from getting cold. But with these skiing essentials all of those problems are in the past!

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Burgundy is the new black..*

Burgundy is the new black
1. Dress – Etoile Isabel Marant / 2. Cashmere Sweater – Miu Miu / 3. Flats – Charlotte Olympia / 4. Necklace – Mawi / 5. Cap – Topshop / 6. Bag – Zara

‘Burgundy is the new black!’ If you didn’t know that by now, you’ve probably been living on Mars the past few months. This warm, dark red-ish colour has made its way from the runway to my closet in no time! And that’s why I devoted this week’s ‘Look of the Week‘ to these winter must-haves!

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Look of the Week: Movember

1. Funny Moustache Sunglasses - Attitudeclothing / 2. Burgundy Moustache Sweater - hipvoordeheb/ 3. Watch - Asos / 4. Earrings - River Island (similar here & here) / 5. Bracelet - Asos / T-shirt Jessica Biel - Eleven Paris / 7. Mug - Etsy (similar here)

1. Funny Moustache Sunglasses – Attitudeclothing / 2. Burgundy Moustache Sweater – hipvoordeheb/ 3. Watch – Asos / 4. Earrings – River Island (similar here & here) / 5. Bracelet – Asos / T-shirt Jessica Biel – Eleven Paris / 7. Mug – Etsy (similar here)

Last week, on the first of November, Movember started. During November, Movember asks men all over the world to grow a moustache. With this action they want to raise awareness for men’s health issues, such as pancreatic cancer. When the month is finished, they all can shave their moustaches off.

Unfortunately women can’t grow moustaches, nor shave them off (at least I hope you can’t..). Therefore I made a Look of the Week to support this good cause. By wearing one of the items above, you can raise awareness for this ‘special’ month. All of the items will pop in the eye and draw attention. People may ask you what you’re wearing and where you got it. That’s the perfect time to tell them about Movember, don’t you think?

Not a fan of having moustacheclothing or -accessories, but you do want to support Movember? Then you can always donate some money to this charity (here)..



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