Road trip *

by Maxime_Morel

I'm going on a roadtrip!

As some of you may already know: I am going on a road trip in September! It was a last minute decission but now it’s for sure: Westcoast here I come! After three years of spending my last weeks of summer break in NYC, spending my vacation on the other side of the USA will definitely be an adjustment. But I’m so excited! Unfortunately I have to retake two exams a couple of days before my departure, so you can imagine that I’m counting down the days. Despite of all the studying and summarizing, I still managed to put together my ideal road trip look.

A perfect road trip look is comfortable (cause you’ll be spending a lot of time in the car), yet stylish (cause you’ll be visiting a lot of places and cities). In a way I find that the ideal road trip can match up to some of the amazing Coachella streetstyle pics we’ve seen. Rock’n roll, yet feminine, fun and practical! Chiara Ferragni is definitely one of the bloggers that rocks the look best! From a girly girl, she can turn into a ‘tough chick’ instantly. That’s why I chose her picture at Coachella for this week’s board.

I composed this week’s look of the week by combining Chiara’s look and my own. I’m definitely not a ‘rock chick’, but more of a ‘Charlotte (SATC) meets Queen B (Gossip Girl)’ type of girl. Though I do love Chloé’s studed buckle ankle boots, I can’t really see myself wearing them. In black, they’re a bit ‘too different’ from my own personal style, but in beige: OH MY GOD, they’re just perfect! Because of the more neutral color, the gold stands out less and therefore I probably like them more. The Prada slippers on the other hand may be a great replacement for the boots. Pretty, light and no risk of blisters!

As usual, I chose a bag in the same color as the shoes. I’ve been searching for the perfect black bag for months now, and I’ve finally found him! Recently I discovered this petite 3.1 Philip Lim bag and it’s to die for! I’m kind of over the large satchels and totes, so this one has the perfect size. A definite plus is that you can only take the necessary stuff with you. No sore back at the end of the day, any more! I know what I’ll be saving for…

For clothing I went for a simple, yet gorgeous pale pink blouse and a jeans short. You can’t go wrong with that. Of course my Prada Baroque sunglasses can’t be left at home. They’ll definitely become my road trip partner in crime!

No unfortunately LA is not on the list, but Washington is! So if you have any tips on where to go, to shop, to … in San Francisco, Las Vegas, … and Washington DC, please leave comment at the bottom of the post. Thanks!