Fashion and beauty go hand in hand. Therefore you’ll find some beauty tips & tricks and trends on this page. I’m not a head to toe make-up kind of girl. The more natural the better, but I do like bright coloured nailpolish and lipstick! Care to share your beauty secrets with me?

Sizzling lips..*

Now the cold winter days have finally arrived, the time has come to take more care of our lips. They’re quite fragile and unfortunately we all know that feeling of sore lips. Take care of them, cause what guy likes to kiss his girlfriend when she has rough lips?

Sisley’s ‘confort extreme lèvres‘ works magic. This Nutritive Lip Balm cures your torn apart lips overnight. I agree it might not be as cheap as a regular ‘Labello’, but taken in consideration that you don’t need to use plenty of it and only need to apply it before going to bed, you’ll be able to use it for a long time. That it comes with a small spatula is definitely a plus! No sticky fingers any more!

During the day the regular ‘Labello’ or another kind of chapstick will protect your lips just fine. Although there are all kinds of Labello with all a different scent, the best one remains ‘Med Protection‘. It’s less sticky than the other ones. If you want to spent a bit more money to have a nourishing but not a sticky lipgloss, I’d advice Kiehl’s Lip Balm #1. You can even get it for free when you buy some shampoo or other products. Otherwise you’ll need to pay around $7, but again, it’ll last a long time!