Out of the office


In my previous post I told you that I had the intention of blogging more frequent. But time got in the way – again. Summer arrived, I graduated (YAY!) and all of my time got absorbed by meeting friends, having a cocktail (or two), sunbathing and some great trips (close to home and further away). But as summer passed by, I realized I didn’t spend any time on this blog. And admittedly, since my inspiration was lost anyway, I didn’t feel bad about it either. I don’t do half work. I either write something I’m satisfied about, or I don’t write anything at all. That is why I’ve decided to take an ‘official’ break from this blog and make up my mind whether or not I still want to continue with ‘Love the fashion life’. During this time I’ll be able to search for some new inspiration and clean things up (lay out, content, etc.). Also: I’m officially starting my job hunt. So maybe a job in the fashion industry may suddenly give the much needed inspiration after all. Fingers crossed!