Costa del Silencio brings silence…*

by Maxime_Morel

Ever since I was 4 years old I went skiing at least once a year. But this year I took a break. After one month and a half of nothing but studying I expected myself to be exhausted. And my guess was right. Therefore I prefered a week of sun over a week of snow. Just some time to relax, to sleep and simply doing nothing was just what I needed! In the end my trip went to Tenerife..

Belgium's winter wonder airport

Leaving Belgium with Moon Boots, I immediately traded my wool sweater into a top! Arriving at our apartment I couldn’t believe my eyes! 100m², 2 bathrooms, 2 bedrooms, and a 12m²  terras with the BEST sunbeds of all time. And I didn’t even mention the amazing sea view! We had the most beautiful sunset every day.

Our apartment was located at the Costa Del Silencio. I have to admit, the place didn’t steal its name. Costa del Silencio definitely brought silence to my life. The village itself is quite deserted, with the exception of several holiday homes, but it is very near to touristic spots such as Los Cristianos, Playa de las Americas and only 45 minutes away from the capital Santa Cruz. Although I enjoyed my stay, I’d never want to spend my summer break on Tenerife. Some places are just too tourist. In Playa de las Americas it is very crowded, all of the hotels and apartment buildings seem to be build on top of each other and you can’t pass by any restaurant without getting the question: “Miss, you want something to eat?”. After a while I just got annoyed with it.

Playa de las Americas

As tourist as Playa de las Americas is, as authentic is El Medano. No massive restaurants, no cheap souvenir shops, only surfers. Yes indeed, El Medano is THE surfspot of Tenerife. Every surfer that visits the isle should take his board with him or rent one at the beach. You won’t find any regular surfer, but therefore all the more kite- & windsurfers.

El Medano Surfspot

El Medano

Wanting to see some culture, we went to visit Tenerife’s capital Santa Cruz. If you want to do some shopping it’s the place to go to on the isle. You will find all of the main Spanish brands going from Massimo Dutti to Zara, Mango and Pull and Bear. The city even has its own El Corte Inglés, which is comparable to Galeria Inno in Belgium. It’s logical that Spanish brands are cheaper in Spain, but even non-Spanish goods are sometimes half their price. You can really make some bargains on Tenerife, since a lot of the things are tax-free. I, for example, bought a Swatch from the SS 2012 collection for only €35 while in Belgium I would have needed to pay €60! Of course I bought some other things, and an outfit inspired on my new stuff you’ll find here.

My new arm candy! Swatch watch and hand-made bracelet (El Medano)

But finding culture in the capital was much harder. There was only one thing which I really liked. El Mercado de Nuestra Señora de Africa is a semi-indoor market with different small stores. Both locals and tourists are in love with the place. It has several stores with vegetables, fruits, meat and a large fish-hall. But my favorites were the bakeries. Seeing all of those home-made delicious cookies and on some days freshly made churos made me want to taste everything! When you visit, get some cookies there. I assure you, you won’t regret it!

El Mercado

Unfortunately my break only lasted a week, but I enjoyed every minute of it. One day I’ll definitely be going back. Whether I’m young or old. But going in summer will be something I’ll have to think about…