Is it a short or a skirt?

by Maxime_Morel

© Rumi Neely for Fashion Toast

© Rumi Neely for Fashion Toast

Ever since I saw Rumi Neely‘s post on this Zara skirt/short the item has been on my wishlist. And now… it’s MINE!

I’ve been fantasizing on how I could style this skirt/short for a couple of weeks now. Because it gives the impression of being a short skirt (though it’s actually a short) there are multiple ways on how you can wear this piece. Some examples:

1 skirt - 5 ways
1. Skirt - Zara / 2. Jacket - Mango / 3. Blouse - Zara / 4. Top - 
Alexander Wang / 5. Top - Suno / 6. Top - 3.1. Philip Lim / 7. Flat 
sandals - AX paris / 8. Clutch - H&M / 9. Sandals - Alexander Wang

What’s so amazing about this skirt is that you can wear it day to night, casual to chic, sporty to sexy. Even when you’re on vacation visiting some turistic hot spots (in the ‘I heart Nueva York’ Tee), this skirt could be your perfect partner in crime. Not only are you always ‘safe’ (it’s a short ‘pants’ after all..), it’s also very practical. It has pockets were you can put your cell phone or small camera and a zipper in the back, so no hideous bumpy buttons in the front.

When styling the skirt with a blouse, you can go to lunch. Though you can also wear it to go out and party with nr°5, to go to work in a two piece (nr°2, which I ordered as well!) or to a casual date in nr°4. There’s a solution for every occasion!

The shoes, well that’s up to you.. Want a sporty, casual or day look, then go for the flats. Chic at night and sexy? Well then, heels are always the way to go!

And of course there’s the bag. Clutches are definitely one of the must have items of this spring. This clutch from H&M  (which I purchased in orange/pink) easily fits all your stuff and has an extra chain for when you get sick of carrying your bag by hand.

How would you style this skirt? Or short?