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Italian-French Panini..*

It’s Sunday, for most of us the only day we can rest. Still the laundry needs to be washed and the house needs to be cleaned. At the end of the day you don’t feel like cooking, but you do want to eat something healthy. Try this: An Italian-French Panini!

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Strawberry Pie..*

Ever since I bought my ‘wannabe’ Kitchen Aid, I’m totally into baking. When I’m invited by friends to come over for diner or drinks, I’ve created the habit of always taking something with me. It used to be a bottle or wine, or something alike, but lately it’s often something ‘sweet’. Some cookies, macaroons, cupcakes and last friday: a strawberry pie!

Though you can buy a strawberry pie at your bakery, it’s more ‘special’ when you’ve baked it yourself. It tells your guests that you appreciate them having you over & it’s polite, delicious and fun all at the same time! And more important: SO EASY!

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Breakfast Triffle..*

As you may have read (here), you know that I find a good breakfast every morning, very important. A glass of fresh orange juice is my immediate vitamin kick of the day. This accompanied with some yoghurt, muesli and apple OR oatmeal with dried fruit or blueberries completes my daily routine. But I have to admit that when I go out for breakfast, I can’t resist a big bowl of granola. So when I saw the ‘Homemade Granola‘-recipe on A Beautiful Mess, I just had to test it!

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Sunday morning breakfast..*

Attention all: new tea place to be! Antwerp is full of great ‘coffee houses’, such as Caffènation, Mademoiselle Moustache, Coffee and Vinyl and Vandoag Is’t. But what we don’t have, are a lot of ‘tea places’. Well today I discovered at least one: My Cup of Tea!

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Radis Noir*

About 10 days ago I celebrated my 22nd birthday. Though, with the exams coming up, I didn’t really have much time to party hardy. So instead I organized some get togethers with my friends, a BBQ with my besties and a dinner with my parents and grand-mother (who you already met here). And honestly that last one was DELICIOUS!

When it’s my birthday, I get to chose were we will have my birthday dinner. Currently it’s still on the parents’ expenses, but that will probably change one day, unfortunately. This year I opted for the restaurant ‘Radis Noir‘. I got to know it through Feeling Magazine. About 6 months ago (or even a longer period of time) they added a small guide of Antwerp to the Magazine. At the time there was a special weekend full of promotion. You could get a glass of Champagne at Step by Step or a goodiebag somewhere else. Radis Noir was one of the participants as well and offered a discount on their four-course menu. Since I couldn’t enjoy all of the promotions myself, I ripped out the places-to-be and some stores, to visit later. That time had finally come for ‘Radis Noir’.

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Meet: The Granny!*

Every Christmas and when it’s her birthday, I have to deal with this HUGE dilemma.. What present should I get my grand-mother? Always a tough decission but in the end I usually go for a ‘Bongo bon’. It’s always fun to have some quality-time with her. As a child I always spent my Wednesday afternoons at her place, listening to old records, going to the market, playing with the cards, making meatballs, just having fun! But times have changed, I grew up, she became slightly older (though you wouldn’t say so!) and Wednesday afternoons became weekly Wednesday or Sunday evening dinners. But then again, you’re never too old to have an oldschool Wednesday-fun-afternoon (well actually we had a Monday-afternoon) with your granny right?!

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