Easy going Uni outfit

by Maxime_Morel

Odd Molly red top, Mango boyfriend jacket, Sandro cropped pants, Isabel Marant sneakers, Mulberry messenger handbag, Rocha yellow gold watch, Louis Vuitton Epi Leather Medium Agenda

This week’s look of the week is all about the perfect school outfit. It has to be comfortable, but still a bit chique, sporty but still classy. I’m kind of sick and tired of the whole “jeans meets hoodie” look for going to school. Ok, you don’t need to look really fancy for class, but in my opinion when you’re older than 21, hoodies are only for going to the gym and sitting at home. They are comfortable, but NOT stylish. It’s not because Abercrombie and Fitch, Hollister and Superdry are really popular with 16 year olds, that you always have to wear them too!

My inspiration is based on the Tommy Hilfiger add (on the picture). I see the adds by this all time American brand every morning while walking to class and they really make my day. Not only do I recognize some models in it (for instance Jacquelyn Jablonski) who we’ve worked with, but these adds remind me WHY I’m still in school. Although I’d love to have a job in fashion right now, I also want this degree. I believe it will help me in making my dreams come true. This add motivates me time after time.

The look is not really that American or preppy, but it is inspired on the colours in the photograph. Since I am a huge fan, I already knew the Isabel Marant sneakers. I started searching for pants, tops, etc in the colours of the shoes. Yes I am a mix-and-match girl. You won’t ever see me wearing yellow on these shoes! The watch is very cute and small, just the way I like it. I’m not really a fan of those HUGE watches. A watch always needs to have a little bling and femininity in it. This beautiful piece will help you count down the minutes until class ends and you can have lunch with your friends. It’s a day to night outfit. Perfect for school, lunch and afterschool drinks!

I hope you like my mixymatchy style!



P.S. With special thanks to my good friend and fashionista Zoë (aka Felicity). If it wasn’t for her I would still not know Polyvore (a website that helpes me making my looks of the week) and I would still be struggling with photoshop.