Beach to night*

by Maxime_Morel

From left to right: H&M bikini – Missoni Bikini – Vanessa Bruno playsuit – Garrett Leight California Optical Speedway Sunglasses – Marc by Marc Jacobs bag – Gold Kendra flip flops – Lika Mimika Classic Coral Leather Espadrilles

YES! Summer has finally arrived! After weeks, no.. MONTHS of complaining about our bad Belgian weather, the sun has finally come through. And of course exams have come as well.. So in stead of enjoying the sun, I’m locked up (as are a lot of students) in my room with my books. Talk about bad karma..

The most fun thing to do during the several study breaks is to fantasise about a Summer holiday! I can already imagine myself sitting on a beach in the south of France, say Cannes, St. Tropez or St. Maxime (it’s all in the name 😉 ). When visiting these villages near the Côte d’Azur it’s often a dilemma what to wear. It’s hard to blend in into these fashionable towns. You don’t want to be too introvert and look like a tourist, nor do you want to be too extravert (with people staring at you thinking ‘What the hell is she wearing?’). An outfit that you can wear both to the beach as to an evening dinner afterwards, is something VERY handy!

Therefore I chose these items. They’re almost all from high fashion brands & quite expensive, but I’m sure that clothing stores such as H&M, New Look, Zara or Forever 21 will be able to offer you some similar pieces. The Vanessa Bruno playsuit is an item you can wear both casual as chic. During day-time you can wear it with espadrilles and in the evening with gorgeous flip flops or even heels. The Missoni Bikini is simply amazing! I often don’t like knitted bikinis, but this one is so detailled and with the typical Missoni print that it was love at first sight. The Marc by MJ bag, has been on my wishlist for months. In my opinion it’s a perfect beach bag! A lot of space to put your sunscreen, magazines, sunglasses, etc… Only disadvantage is that you can’t fully close it, so you’ll probably need to remove a lot of sand out of it. But then again: “Who wants to be beautiful, must suffer”. 😉

What’s your destination this summer? And more importantly what will you be taking with you!?