Skiing essentials!*

by Maxime_Morel

Ski essentials
1. Ski jacket – Roxy / Sweater – Kenzo / 2. Thermal underwear – Roxy / 3. Scarf – Abercrombie & Fitch /
4. Ski pants – Roxy / 5. Goggles – Roxy / 6. Ski socks – Wed’ze / 7. Skis – Roxy /
8. Snow boots – Sorel / 9. Toe warmers – Grabber 10. Baggy Beanie – LN Beanies

Now my exams are finally over, I can start counting down the days to my annual skiing trip next week. Ever since I was 4 years old, I went skiing at least once a year. It’s always such a fun holiday! Our destination, this year, is the world’s largest (and my favorite) ski area: Les trois vallées!

Unfortunately skiing isn’t the most fashionable sport. The clothing is often shapeless, snow boots are unelegant, and let us not forget the hideous thermals you’re wearing to prevent yourself from getting cold. But with these skiing essentials all of those problems are in the past!

This week’s Look of the Week is based on the most wanted sweater of this moment: The Kenzo Tiger sweatshirt! I used its colors as a basis for my entire look. Ever since I was little I loved the Roxy skiing collection. It’s always very bright and colorful, with often crazy prints! When I noticed that Roxy had a jacket and pants with the tiger’s colors, I just needed to add them to my whislist! Colorblocking? Check!

But that’s not all you’ve seen from Roxy.. I also added a multicolored goggle with orange glasses (which will make you see the end of the slopes and the small & large bumps), some skis (duh!) and last but not least thermal underwear! It’s a hard task to create cute thermal underwear, but Roxy has succeeded! YAY!

Of course you’ll need some snow boots for the ‘après-ski’. There’s nothing more uncomfortable than walking in your skiing boots. Thank God Sorel came to the rescue! Their boots will prevent you from slipping and will keep your feet warm and dry. If you have a habit of quickly getting cold feet, toes or hands there’s also another solution: Grabber’s warmers! These pads heat your feet almost for 6 hours, so you can use them both in your skiing boots as well as in your walking shoes!

Also accessories can’t be left behind. In my opinion LN Beanies provides the best winter accessories! I’ve had my baggy beanie for over two months now and it’s my favorite compagnon in these cold winter days! All of LN Beanies or LN Andes knits are made from 100% baby alpaca. Finally a beanie that doesn’t stings!

So, shall we go shopping?



P.S. Of course you need gloves as well, but since I still haven’t discovered any fashionable ones I’ve left them out of this post.. 😉