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Photo report: Washington DC


Can’t seem to avoid this Brussels Airlines advertisement? Well, me neither. But there’s a good thing about it! Seeing the ad reminded me of the fact that I still didn’t tell you about the final stop of my September roadtrip: Washington DC!

I’ve been postponing this post for quite some time now. The reason? I didn’t know how to put my ‘Washington enjoyment’ into words. I just liked it that much! Some of you may think Washington is boring and only fun for American politicians, well then you’re wrong. The capital of the USA has a lot to offer: gorgeous views, space, ease, excitement, museums, memorials (which make you’re eyes get teary), architecture, universities, some shopping, afterwork drinks (a word that is probably invented for Washington!), … It has something for everyone.

Well it seems to me that I’m still not able to tell you about what this city is all about, therefore: here’s a photo report!

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SS13 – Paul & Joe Sister

This past weekend I was on the seaside. With all of the new spring/summer collections in stores (my ss13 wish list is coming up soon), I just couldn’t resist paying a visit to one of my favorite shopping addresses: Pied de Poule (remember this?!)! Leaving this store empty handed? NEVER!

I’ve tried on several dresses, but in the end I was in doubt about two. Which one did I choose?

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Hairdo Inspiration..*

What do you do when you have an appointment with your hairdresser? There are 2 options: you know what haircut you want and you even take a picture of it with you, OR you doubt endlessly and afterwards you end up with your old haircut, just a bit shorter. Currently I belong to that final group.

I have exactly 12 days left – I know, I’m thinking about it long beforehand – to decide which haircut I should get. You’re probably wondering: ‘Girl, what’s the big deal?!’. Well, I find myself in a dilemma. On one hand, I love long and wavy hair, which is why I have let my hair grown for quite some time. On the other hand, I’m crazy about short cuts such as Karlie Kloss’s. I’ve collected the ones that I’m considering:


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Skiing essentials!*

Ski essentials
1. Ski jacket – Roxy / Sweater – Kenzo / 2. Thermal underwear – Roxy / 3. Scarf – Abercrombie & Fitch /
4. Ski pants – Roxy / 5. Goggles – Roxy / 6. Ski socks – Wed’ze / 7. Skis – Roxy /
8. Snow boots – Sorel / 9. Toe warmers – Grabber 10. Baggy Beanie – LN Beanies

Now my exams are finally over, I can start counting down the days to my annual skiing trip next week. Ever since I was 4 years old, I went skiing at least once a year. It’s always such a fun holiday! Our destination, this year, is the world’s largest (and my favorite) ski area: Les trois vallées!

Unfortunately skiing isn’t the most fashionable sport. The clothing is often shapeless, snow boots are unelegant, and let us not forget the hideous thermals you’re wearing to prevent yourself from getting cold. But with these skiing essentials all of those problems are in the past!

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Dior Couture..*

As I announced this morning (here) I was looking forward to Dior’s Couture collection. As expected Raf Simons didn’t disappoint.

You may remember Simons’s first Dior Couture collection, the one for Fall 2012. The Belgian designer had the walls covered in thousands of flowers. Today, for his Spring 2013 Couture collection, the flowers didn’t decorate the room, but the clothes. Simons used leaves on dresses, peplum tops and corsets, as well as simple, adorable flower fabrics. This made his collection extra feminine and delicate.




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Suit up for Couture..*

Now Men’s Fashion Week is over, it’s time for the Couture Shows.

Yesterday Versace had the honor of being the first to show its Spring 2013 Couture line. Normally ‘Couture’-pieces  are very ‘un-wearable’ for the (wo)man on the street. They’re often only suitable to wear to chique events such as the Oscars. Nevertheless, Donatella Versace was able to surprise me with a very wearable collection. She was definitely inspired by the upcoming trend of the ‘alpha females’. This was reflected in a lot of feminine suits with the typical Versace edginess, in Versace’s typical black or bright and bold fabrics.

Though I’d probably still not wear the suits to work, I can definitely see myself wearing them to a lunch or dinner date (especially that pink outfit!). Here are my favorites:


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