NEW IN: CRIME sneakers

by Maxime_Morel

Sneakers are currently very hot and trendy. Everywhere you go you see someone with Nikes, Pumas, New Balances or sneakers from another brand. ‘Sports(shoe)wear’ apparently has gained an important place in our ‘shoewardrobe’, a place just as important as a pair (a lot of) pairs of  sky high heels.

With Spring coming up and all of my old sneakers worn down to the bone, I was in some desperate need of a new pair. It needed to be a pair that I could wear Winter to Summer, with a bit of ‘fantasy’ and above all ‘comfortable’ for my BFF-trip to Paris (countdown!)!

Have I found them? DUH, the title says it all! These pretty and ‘a bit of everything’ (spikes, different fabrics, the worn look…) Crimes will be my ‘partner in crime’ (got it? 😉 ) the following months years!

Sneaker 1 DSCN0136 DSCN0144 DSCN0175

Do you like them?

You can shop CRIME herehere, & at Olyslager Berchem!