Photo report: Washington DC

by Maxime_Morel


Can’t seem to avoid this Brussels Airlines advertisement? Well, me neither. But there’s a good thing about it! Seeing the ad reminded me of the fact that I still didn’t tell you about the final stop of my September roadtrip: Washington DC!

I’ve been postponing this post for quite some time now. The reason? I didn’t know how to put my ‘Washington enjoyment’ into words. I just liked it that much! Some of you may think Washington is boring and only fun for American politicians, well then you’re wrong. The capital of the USA has a lot to offer: gorgeous views, space, ease, excitement, museums, memorials (which make you’re eyes get teary), architecture, universities, some shopping, afterwork drinks (a word that is probably invented for Washington!), … It has something for everyone.

Well it seems to me that I’m still not able to tell you about what this city is all about, therefore: here’s a photo report!

DSCF2840DSCF2856DSCF2861DSCF2870 DSCF2874DSCF2920SAM_0386 SAM_0402 SAM_0424 SAM_0435 SAM_0460

DSCF2938 DSCF2955 DSCF4016 DSCF4017SAM_0483SAM_0491

1-3. Georgetown / 4-5. JFK center for performing arts / 6. Washington Monument / 7. Lincoln Memorial / 8. Vietnam Memorial / 9. Martin Luther King Memorial / 10. The White House / 11. Washington Monument / 12. Thomas Jefferson Memorial / 14. Capitole / 15. U.S. Capitol / 16-17. Smithsonian / 18. The White House 

I advise all of my friends and all of you to definitely go visit Washington DC. It’s quite a small city (with 2-3 days you’ve gotmore than time enough!), so you can always combine a trip to the capital with a trip to NYC!!

What are you waiting for? Book that ticket NOW! 😉