‘The Impossible’ is possible..*

by Maxime_Morel

First things first: HAPPY NEW YEAR! I have been studying for the past few weeks, therefore I didn’t have any inspiration nor any subjects to write about. Only posting ‘Happy New Year’, would be a bit dull, so I waited until I found an inspiring subject. What I would like to wish you? Everything your heart longs for, a year filled with love, friendship, health & happiness and may you also experience luck…

Luck, one of the keywords that comes to my mind after seeing The Impossible’the movie on the Tsunami which hit Thailand (among others) in 2004. Some of my friends and my aunt adviced me to go see it. And so I did to escape my books (my first exam is on Monday, so you can imagine I’m already stressed out!). Never had I ever seen a movie that had such an effect on me. I was litterally blown away by this film. My friends warned me to take tissues with me, since I’m kind of a ‘crybaby’. Believe me, I needed them!

The Impossible

The Impossible

‘The Impossible’ tells the true story of a Spanish family. The parents, played by Ewan McGregor and Naomi Watts, were on a holiday on a Thai island with their 3 sons, when one of the worst natural catastrophes ever found place. When seeing the movie you should prepare yourself on seeing heavy and harsh moments. Unfortunately the movie tells the truth, otherwise you wouldn’t believe this all really happened. I know for sure that I wouldn’t survive something like this.

In my opinion ‘The Impossible’ is already the MUST-SEE movie of 2013! It’s heartbreaking, will give you goosebumps, make you cry and cause disbelief. When you leave the movie theater, you’ll need some time to process it all. It’s a lot to take in. You’ll understand better what they’ve all been through. Seeing the images on the news reports definitely isn’t the same thing. This movie should get at least one Oscar. It doesn’t matter who’ll get it, but at least one member of the cast should be acknowledged for the talent, effort and credibility they’ve put into this movie. Especially the kids!

Carpe Diem, cause when nature is around, you never know what might happen…



P.S. In my opinion this text can’t capture how I felt after seeing this movie. Adjustments will be made, just so you’d understand how much I loved it!