Goodbye Gossip Girl..*

by Maxime_Morel

For over 5 years we were intrigued by the Upper East Siders. Wealthy, gorgeous, fashionable, NYC-people that were ‘tortured’ by one thing: Gossip Girl. After 6 seasons, there has now (unfortunately) come an end to all of the drama and intrigues. I was and will always be a huge fan of the show, and therefore I couldn’t let the ‘farewell’ go by unnoticed.

I remember the very first time I watched Gossip Girl. Vijf TV, a Belgian TV-channel had bought the show and aired it in the summer of 2008. From the very first moment I had laid eyes on the show, the cast and the fashion, I became a huge fan! Unfortunately VijfTV had scheduled the show at a bad time in the evening and thereby it was ended only 6 weeks after their first broadcast. Totally ‘addicted’ I even sent the TV-company an e-mail to ask when Gossip Girl would be broadcasted again. Yes, I was a freak! They did respond quickly, but if it hadn’t been for online streaming the video’s I would have had to wait for over 2 years to watch the show! Of course I wasn’t that patient…

Ever since, Gossip Girl has been my weekly escape from reality. In a way I was drawn into this little world full scheming. You have to admit that it’s all a bit surreal. Except for Chuck and Serena, they all have slept with each other, cheated on each other (in different kind of ways) and yet they still manage to be friends. What person in their right mind would give so many chances? It wouldn’t be me, I can assure you.

Though this exclusive ‘society’ has its disadvantages, everyone would like to be a part of their world. The perfect lives, the endless opportunities, the ‘I-can-get-away-with-everything’-feeling and of course the AMAZING fashion. Eric Daman,  the Gossip Girl stylist, didn’t win an Emmy Award for Costume Designer, for nothing. He did an amazing job and made ‘the fashion’ a character on its own. At a time Blair’s style even influenced my own. I suddenly bought headbands, which I only used to wear as a kid, and plaid skirts. Though her style is effortless, classy and chic, Serena was always presented as the ‘bombshell’. The first few seasons it annoyed me, but in the final two seasons I got to appreciate her style. Yes it’s sexy, but it became more and more sophisticated. BIG WIN! In honor of the gorgeous fashion worn over the past 6 seasons I’ve selected my favorites…

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For the ladies an extra treat, because we all fell in love with him: 

In a way the end of Gossip Girl is also the end of my ‘youth’. I’ve become an adult, more mature and responsible. Just like Blair said in the final episode: ‘So I guess it’s all over now, that we can grow up and move on..’.

Goodbye Gossip Girl…



P.S Thank god for DVDs! 😉

P.S I deliberately didn’t spoil the last episode for you, so please just watch it in stead of googling ‘Who is Gossip Girl?’

picture credit: The CW