Roadtrip Souvenirs..*

by Maxime_Morel

The Roadtrip Souvenirs

Though not all of my roadtrip stories are published (yet), I couldn’t wait any longer to share my USA purchases with you!

Before my departure I had made myself a list with things I still desperately needed and wanted (of course..). And for the first time my list was completed at my arrival, back in Brussels.

On my list:

  1. The burgundy/purple-ish DKNY dress. This runway-shown dress is currently featured in DKNY advertisements all over the world. Without knowing you’ll probably have seen it already in over 10 magazines. The fact that Ashley Greene is their new face, will probably have something to do with it as well.                 When I first saw this gorgeous and elegant dress with peplum hem, I fell in love with it immediately. Though I don’t wear a lot of dresses during winter (I sometimes find tights very unflattering..), I just needed to have this piece in my closet. It’s pretty, girly, fragile, sexy and elegant all at the same time. Also it’s very NYC, don’t you think?!
  2. I found my new pair of jeans at DKNY (when and where I found my dress). Knowing that a good pair of jeans easily cost over €80 in Belgium, I couldn’t leave them behind when I saw they were only $70. Another item in the pocket!
  3. Victoria’s Secret OF COURSE! Thanks to my ‘healthy obsession’ with Bregje Heinen (here), I got to know the most recent VS collection, called ‘Body by Victoria’s Secret’. The ‘Hot Tamale Demi’ (on the picture) was on my wishlist right away. From the start, it was all about the gorgeous color! The color is just SO PRETTY! Unfortunately the fit wasn’t right, so in the end I chose the ‘Push Up Hot Tamale’ bra (you can check it out here) with matching hip huggers.
  4. Finally I found a black bag that meets all of my requirements. Though the Philip Lim bag was just perfect, my budget didn’t allow me to buy it. In stead this Kate Spade small ‘Leslie’ bag, which I truly love, became the newest addition to my (still modest) collection. Its size is perfect! It’s not too big, it can fit all of my stuff and is easy to wear. Wearing it chic (Pan Am-style) or casual with the shoulder strap, it’s always fashionable!
  5. Of all my purchased items, these earrings definitely meet the term ‘souvenir’ the most. I bought them on the road, going from Lake Powell to the Grand Canyon. They are made by Native Americans that sell their jewelry on the streets. A lot of the jewelry is made out of Turquoise stone (like these earrings) and silver.
  6. Last but not least, some Michael Kors arm swag!

I just love shopping abroad. Not only do you get the chance to buy items that aren’t available here (unless you order them online), but it’s also often cheaper. When you buy something in a foreign country you kind of buy the memories as well. Every time you wear something that you bought on a journey, you’ll remind the good times you had over there. And that’s the main reason why I LOVE SOUVENIRS!