Dior Addict..*

by Maxime_Morel

YES, SUMMER HAS FINALLY ARRIVED IN BELGIUM! Last weekend we had temperatures over 30°C and the sun has been shining ever since! Though we had to wait for it a VERY long time, I have been in a summer mood for quite some time. When Dior released it’s new ad campaign with the lovely Daphne Groeneveld, I immediately started craving for a summer in St. Tropez! Definitely my favorite add campaign ever (the D&G one with Matthew McConaughey not included, of course…).

You’ll probably wondering why I’m this excited over an ad campaign. Well, first of all it includes one of my favorite models. Daphne was just perfect for the job. Her interesting look grabs your attention right away. Dior has presented her as a new ‘Brigitte Bardot’ in this short film and they couldn’t have made a better choice to represent this french icon. Cause that’s how I label them, both Mrs. Bardot as Dior, ICONS!

Second of all: the campaign is young (btw Daphne is only 18 years old!), fun and quirky as any summer should be. It only lasts for two minutes, yet you forget your sorrows and imagine yourself sitting on a beach, with a cocktail, having fun day and night, dressing up, fooling around and take tons and tons of pictures. Short said: You imagine being the Dior Addict girl.

After seeing the commercial there is only one choice left to make. Or you can start digging your own pool in the garden and hopefully enjoy it the rest of your life (which I’ve been telling myself ever since I was little) or you can buy yourself a one way ticket to St. Tropez, Cannes, or any other fancy french village!

What do you think about her pictures? And don’t forget to watch the commercial!

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