Sunday morning breakfast..*

by Maxime_Morel

Attention all: new tea place to be! Antwerp is full of great ‘coffee houses’, such as Caffènation, Mademoiselle Moustache, Coffee and Vinyl and Vandoag Is’t. But what we don’t have, are a lot of ‘tea places’. Well today I discovered at least one: My Cup of Tea!

A sunday morning bulky breakfast, is one of my favorite things in the whole wide world, so you can imagine that my expectations were quite elevated. When going somewhere to have breakfast or brunch, I want to be able to enjoy my meal, have a great time in a nice and peaceful setting and be spoiled by a friendly staff. For heaven’s sake, it’s morning, I want to wake up at my own speed and don’t want to deal with someone else’s bad mood in the morning. Well thank God, all of my ‘standards’ were well fulfilled!

It was my first time at ‘My Cup of Tea’ and I was pleasantly surprised by the great breakfast concept. At your arrival you get a piece of paper on which you can check off several ‘breakfast options’ that you want to order. The standard breakfast is: coffee/tea, freshly squeezed orange juice, some bread, cheese and ham. But there are a million things you can add to this list. For instance: salmon, speculoos spread, jam, granola and yoghurt, fresh fruit salad, a mini croissant, a mini pain-au-chocolat, etc…

For once don’t go for the regular Latte or Espresso, but try one of their tea’s! Alina, the owner, has over a 40 different sorts of tea! She’ll tell you how long your tea needs to ‘rest’ in the boiling water, so you’ll get the perfect flavor. You’ll even get an hourglass, so you won’t need to check your watch every 5 seconds!

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Wine tastings exist for wine. Well at My Cup of Tea you can actually do it as well, but for tea! Every flavor you drink in the ‘cafe’, you can buy as well afterwards! Don’t forget to check out all of the tea accessories and tea pots. Some of them are simply adorable!

My Cup of Tea

Muntstraat 8

2000 Antwerpen