What I’ve been up to..

by Maxime_Morel

Hi guys,

I have been absent for almost a month now, but I am so freakin’ busy! I’ve finally found the time to catch up with you. So here’s what I’ve been up to…

1) Two weeks of exams.. The most horrible time of the year. Studying, being locked up and cranky the entire time! The only good thing that comes with exams is my summer holiday! So when I finally got back my freedom, blogging wasn’t the first thing on my mind.. A well earned treat was! I’m no longer craving for the Prada Baroque sunglasses (remember?) cause I’m finally their proud owner! What do you think?

Another present I bought myself, was a bottle of the OPI New York City Ballet Collection. Due to my ‘wannabe ballet career’ of 14 years, I just had to have one of those new OPI colours. Originally I wanted the lilac ‘Care to dance’ but since it was out of stock, I went for the ‘You callin’ me a lyre?’. It’s a very natural colour. It doesn’t strike the eye immediately but it does make your nails a bit more shiny and pretty.

2) After the exams I needed to escape my room! Thank god for our Belgian sea side and our temperate climate. Some days of relaxing on the beach with a soft breeze and some sunshine was just what I needed!

3) Work… Yes with summer, also work arrives. This will be my third year that I’m working at the post office. No it’s not fashionable, nor is it stylish, but the money is great (and very welcome). How would I otherwise pay for my NYFW trips, etc…? 😉

4) SALES SALES SALES! July is sales month! 4 things on my wishlist and I could already delete two of them. Yes, after a hunt of two years I can finally add a maxi dress to my closet. It’s a silk long gown in beige, green, orange and shades of red by l’Agence (pic’s coming soon!).

And of course a pair of shoes… After visited Cocodrillo two times, I couldn’t make up my mind. Or my size was sold out, or I still found them too expensive, or there was just something that my eyes didn’t like that much… But thank god for that other designer shoe store in Antwerp: Thiron! These See by Chloé heels had already caught my eye  a couple of months ago on Fashionata. And now with the discount, I just couldn’t leave them behind! Do you like my items on sale?

And last but not least: I had to catch up with all of my friends AND play some tennis tournaments as well.. I have loved my life the past couple of weeks, the only unfortunate part of it is that I’ve neglected you guys! I’ll try to make it up to you 😉

xo and enjoy the summer life!