Radis Noir*

by Maxime_Morel

About 10 days ago I celebrated my 22nd birthday. Though, with the exams coming up, I didn’t really have much time to party hardy. So instead I organized some get togethers with my friends, a BBQ with my besties and a dinner with my parents and grand-mother (who you already met here). And honestly that last one was DELICIOUS!

When it’s my birthday, I get to chose were we will have my birthday dinner. Currently it’s still on the parents’ expenses, but that will probably change one day, unfortunately. This year I opted for the restaurant ‘Radis Noir‘. I got to know it through Feeling Magazine. About 6 months ago (or even a longer period of time) they added a small guide of Antwerp to the Magazine. At the time there was a special weekend full of promotion. You could get a glass of Champagne at Step by Step or a goodiebag somewhere else. Radis Noir was one of the participants as well and offered a discount on their four-course menu. Since I couldn’t enjoy all of the promotions myself, I ripped out the places-to-be and some stores, to visit later. That time had finally come for ‘Radis Noir’.

The ‘à la carte’-menu of ‘Radis Noir’ is quite limited and still I had a hard time chosing what I was going to eat. In the end I went for the ‘4x Pure’-menu. This menu exists out of 4 courses. For the big eaters among us, the chef also offers ’10x Pure’-menus.

‘4x Pure’. What could I expect with that? It doesn’t say if you’re getting fish or meat, pasta or potatoes, or ice cream or chocolate mousse as dessert. All I knew was that the food would be ‘pure’. And so it was! In every dish, I could distinguish every ingredient and still all of those tastes blended together so perfectly! This was our menu:

  1. Tartare of Salmon with tomatoes and basil (small appetizer)
  2. John Dory with young green asparagus (and other green vegetables) and a dressing of oranges
  3. Salmon with asparagus
  4. Lamb with braised vegetables
  5. (kind of) Caramalized strawberries with vanilla ice cream


Not only the food, but also the interior was my cup of tea. It’s very modern and clean. The only colors used are grey and white. You may think it’s very UN-cosy, but nothing could be further from the truth. Due to the indirect lightening, a warm glow falls over the white walls.

For who wants to visit Radis Noir: you may want to wait a bit. In August the ‘Radis Noir’-team will launch ‘Ingredients by Radis Noir’. The chef’s ingredients will gain a key-role in the redecoration of the restaurant. Also, all of the ingredients will be sold. The idea about this concept is to give hobby cooks the opportunity to get ingredients they wouldn’t normally find in the regular supermarkets. For example: the John Dory I was talking about is a fish you can’t get at your Delhaize or even at your fishmonger. And if they do have it, you have to buy an entire fish. Well because ‘Ingredients by Radis Noir’ has good contacts with major food retailers, they will be able to offer their customers just a part of the ingredient needed.

Curious much? Well, don’t hesitate and just GO!

Radis Noir

Desguinlei 186

2018 Antwerp