Currently Craving: Prada Baroque Sunglasses*

by Maxime_Morel

Some may say they’re so 2011, but I am actually still a fan of them: Prada Baroque Sunglasses! Ever since I  saw them last year on several blogs, street style pictures and in boutiques, I have been craving for them. But in the end I didn’t buy them. In my collection there were already a pair of brown D&G sunglasses, a pair of oversized black CCDK ones and a pair of Gianfranco Ferré aviators. Three pairs of quite expensive sunglasses and unfortunately you can only wear one pair at a time.

Not only the ‘budget’-aspect played a part in my decission, but also the look of these Prada’s. They’re quite artistic and therefore I wasn’t sure if I’d still adore them a year later. Well, they’ve survived the test, because I want them even more!

Every woman knows that you can’t have enough shoes nor can you have enough handbags. Well sunglasses definitely fit into that list! Apparently the baroque-style is still very popular, cause when I went to buy them a couple of weeks ago there was only one pair available in the entire world! Thank god the glasses went in production (again) a week later. I’m counting down the days until I can put this gorgeous masterpiece on my nose! Now all we need is sunshine…

When I’ve finally received them, I’ll show you! 😉