Meet: The Granny!*

by Maxime_Morel

Every Christmas and when it’s her birthday, I have to deal with this HUGE dilemma.. What present should I get my grand-mother? Always a tough decission but in the end I usually go for a ‘Bongo bon’. It’s always fun to have some quality-time with her. As a child I always spent my Wednesday afternoons at her place, listening to old records, going to the market, playing with the cards, making meatballs, just having fun! But times have changed, I grew up, she became slightly older (though you wouldn’t say so!) and Wednesday afternoons became weekly Wednesday or Sunday evening dinners. But then again, you’re never too old to have an oldschool Wednesday-fun-afternoon (well actually we had a Monday-afternoon) with your granny right?!

Last Christmas I got her a ‘Breakfast with Bubbels’ coupon. She was pleased with her present and afterwards she told me she’d love to go shopping with me one day. So we combined the two last week!

The Granny and I

The Granny and I

We went for breakfast at Mampoko. It’s a cosy bistro right across the old courthouse of Antwerp. We were served a glass of champagne, a glass of fresh orange juice, a cup of tea, accompanied by a soft-boiled egg, speculoos spread, nutella, cheese, chorizo, ham and freshly home-made (and oh so delicious) strawberry jam! And of course many pieces of baguette! I honestly think Mampoko has the best baguettes I’ve ever tasted in Belgium! With our stomachs filled, we went on our clothing hunt.

We didn’t visit all stores, but just my favorite ones such as Patrizia Pepe, Princess Blue, Sienna, Zara, H&M, etc… I didn’t find a thing, but then there was Sandro.. As I’ve told you in a previous post, I totally fell in love with this summer’s Sandro collection! And so did my granny! She treated me on pants, top AND sweater! I love these items piece by piece! That they were a present from my grandmother just made them even MORE amazing and lovable!

Do you like them as well?

Oh and btw, my granny’s name officially is Angelina.. In my opinion she was named after ‘Angel’, because she definitely is one!