See, love, want, buy, ADORE…*

by Maxime_Morel

This last month I’ve went a bit in shopping overdrive. You know that feeling when you see something in a store or when you see someone wearing exactly what you’ve been looking for? Well, it happened to me a billion times the past few weeks! Everything I saw and liked, I NEEDED to have! Consequence? The VISA-bill will arrive in just a couple of days, so my ‘clothing’bank account will go into red.. Bye bye purchases in May!

It all started with my shopping trip to Brussels. Though I had been to the capital of Belgium, I’ve never really went shopping there. Of course the ‘Dansaertstraat’ and the ‘Avenue Louise’ rang a bell, but what they had to offer besides the regular H&M’s, Zara’s, etc.. and high fashion brands such as Chanel and Louis Vuitton I didn’t know. I can assure you: “Avoid these streets or you’ll go home with an empty wallet!” And so did I..

The friend that accompanied me had already sent me an e-mail with the new Sandro collection. I liked it when seeing it online, but I definitely fell in love with it when visiting the store (Dansaertstraat 28).. In the end I went home with a Sandro neon sweater AND skirt, but I could have bought the entire store! It’s still a danger zone, UH OH!

Sandro (no filter)

Sandro (no filter)

A couple of weeks later I went to Amsterdam with some of my classmates. Not knowing they’d bring me to an American bookstore, the American Book Center, with an enormous amount of fashion books! I have always said that when I move out of my parents’ place that I want to have a giant bookcase. So currently I’m already collecting gorgeous books to put on the shelves. Scott Schuman’s “The Sartorialist” had been on my list for quite some time. The book has been deleted of my wishlist (yes, of course I bought it), but I’ve put so many other ones on it. With my birthday coming up, this may come in handy when someone asks: ‘What do you want for your birthday?’.

My biggest crush, this past month, definitely was the neon “Werelse. for Mango Touch”-bag by Chiara Ferragni (the Blonde Salad). It was featured on blog and I immediately went: “I NEED TO HAVE THAT BAG!!”. When I did my research it appeared that the bag wouldn’t be sold in Belgium, but only online and through The first thing I did, the day the bag would be available, was buy it! I didn’t want to take the risk to miss out on one of them. Since I already didn’t get a ticket to Tomorrowland 2012, I really really REALLY didn’t want to lose this opportunity as well. Opening the package, it was love at first sight!

Chiara Ferragni with the neon Werelse x Mango touch bag!

Chiara Ferragni with the neon Werelse x Mango touch bag!

My most recent purchase was yesterday. This summer a jean jacket is a definite must-have! My last jean jacket I wore when I was 16, so it’s obvious that it didn’t fit me any more. Therefore the hunt for a new one was launched! In the end I chose a Mango piece and immediately bought a H&M necklace afterwards! The necklace matches my neon bag perfectly and so a new outfit was born!

Money has been spent, so now lets start saving some.. CRAP!