The Waitinglist Dilemma..

by Maxime_Morel

Wedge sneakers are one of thé current trends. That’s obvious. Isabel Marant created them and many designers have followed in her footsteps. One design is better than the other, and also cheaper or more expensive than another. Buying the real deal or not.. It became a dilemma.

I originally didn’t like the Isabel Marant sneakers. Yes, every model and fashionista were (and are still) wearing them, but I could never see myself buying them. A friend of mine was one of the first ones I knew that got them and she looked absolutely fabulous in these sneakers. She’d wear them under a pants, skirt and even dress. She pulled off every look with the IM’s. Well actually she always pulls of every look, with or without her Willows… I on the other hand have always been a more “classic” girl. I love skirts and tailored dresses with heels.  Therefore the Isabel Marant Sneakers weren’t really my cup of tea. Until last September…

The friend, I was telling you about, is working at Step by Step, one of the first stores in Belgium that started selling Isabel Marant. When she showed me the sneakers for this Spring, my mind just switched. There was one pair in particular that I fell in love with. The neon’s… She put me on the waitinglist and ever since I couldn’t wait to have these pretties on my feet. They always say that patience is a virtue, but in my case I started doubting. The shoes were €440 and after seeing the new clothing collections that would soon be available, I started doubting if I should go along with my plans.

Isabel Marant Willow S/S 2010

I knew my friend would shoot me (theoretically speaking of course) if I’d buy rip-offs. Still I started my search for an alternative and so I found my Ash Sneakers. They were €300 cheaper than the IM’s and in a way more ‘me’. They were less robust, had shoelaces in stead of straps and were just as comfortable. If I had been a working woman I had definitely bought the Isabel Marant Willow’s. Unfortunately I’m living of my weekend job salary and my parents’ allowance. It was OR the shoes OR lots of new spring/summer clothes. In the end I went for the clothing, but one day I’ll be able to afford myself the real deal.

Ash Wedge Sneaker Bowie Off White

Maybe if I’m lucky I can still have them this Spring! is having a contest in which you can win a complete Isabel Marant outfit worth €2168! Fingers crossed and thumbs up!