Marni at H&M madness..*

by Maxime_Morel

Thursday morning: D-day. Yes, Marni at H&M was finally in stores. A lot of common people may have never heard of Marni, but real fashionistas are hooked on the brand. Therefore it was less crowded and hectic compared to Versace for H&M, but still you had to stand in line. When I arrived at the store at 9 o’clock a lot of wrist bands had already been handed out. I received one for 12:15pm. 3 hours of waiting and praying that my skirt wouldn’t be sold out.

Ever since I saw Sofie Valkiers’ blogpost (Fashionata) on her Marni look, I knew I had to have the skirt she was wearing! I’m quite sure that if I hadn’t seen this post, I probably wouldn’t have known how to combine this item. Although it’s a more dressed-up skirt, she managed to dress it down by wearing it with a simple black pull, black stockings and high heels. It’s definitely my new favorite look and very me.

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Besides the skirt I also bought an amazing necklace! Yellow, big, heavy, but oh so gorgeous! All of the other stuff wasn’t my cup of tea. I did love the prints, but the tailloring wasn’t right for my body. While I love A-line dresses that fit the woman’s curves, the Marni dresses were rather straight and loose so I knew they wouldn’t fit me right.. Maybe a mistake, maybe not. But keep in mind: Spring is coming and so is spring shopping!

Friday night one of my closests friends gave her birthday party, so I immediately had an occasion to wear my golden love. Pictures will soon be posted!