My Wishlist 2011-2012..*

by Maxime_Morel

My Wishlist 2011-2012

Some things others can buy for you, some things they can’t. Love, health and friendship are the most valuable things in the world. In this world, that has become so material, we sometimes forget what’s really important. And yes, I have to admit, I have become one of these material girls. At least kind of..

In my family we always give presents with Christmas. Thank god not with New Year too. I mean: “How expensive would that be?” Unfortunately I don’t always find a suitable gift, since my parents and grandmother don’t have wishlists. It’s always a stressy situation, but in the end I always find a gift that pleases them. As we all know it’s about the thought and not about the gift itself..

Because I don’t want my parents to go through the same mindtwisting thinking about the perfect present, I have made a list. Some of those things I might get, some of them definitely not. Who in the world would get a Céline coat or a $2500 handbag for her Christmas? I did put the Chanel 2.55 on the list, just because I keep on hoping that one day I might own one. Until that time comes, it stays on it! Maybe for my graduation in a couple of years?

I have wanted ear warmers for some time now. They aren’t fashionable, but they are SO cute and warm! If we’ll get a white Christmas, I’ll definitely be using them!! And of course The Gossip Girl Volume 4 DVD-box can’t be missing either. Gossip Girl, some hot coco, some Christmas cookies (which I’ll be making this weekend) and a nice blanket…what more do you need on a cold, grey day?

With every new year come some new years’ resolutions. As it has been for some time, my resolution is to get in shape, live healthy and other cheasy, classic resolutions. Thank god I’m not a smoker, so at least I don’t have to stop doing that! With school and stuff, I don’t have enough time to go to the gym and work out or go for a run (I hate running btw!). Therefore I wish for a Wii Fit + Balance board.. And I don’t even know if it works or not!! Anyhow it’s a fun thing to have!

To end up, there is Ryan Gosling… The hottest man alive! But we all know that he’s out of reach. But that’s why it is called a WISHlist no?

What are you wishing for this year?