A Casual but Chic Christmas

by Maxime_Morel

A Casual Chic Christmas

I don’t know what your plans are for Christmas Eve, but mine are casual and classic. I’ll be having dinner with my family.  And just like every year my dad will be the amazing chef that provides us with delicious food! I can hardly wait for the warm apple filled with cranberries, duck and some pommes du chefs on the side! Besides the presents, this is my favorite thing about Christmas! A four course meal, eating all evening long and with every course I can open a present. It’s one of those traditions. As a child I was always too curious about what presents under the three would be for me. Therefore I drove my parents nuts with my complaining and they came up with this as a sollution which became a tradition in the end. I’m already curious about my presents this year! More about my wishlist tomorrow!

In my opinion it’s not because you celebrate Christmas at home, that you don’t need to dress up. Of course you don’t need to go all the way and sparkle up your outfit with all the diamonds and golden necklaces that you have, but you do need to look presentable.

I love the red dress by Alexander McQueen. As the title mentions it is quite casual but also very chic. With the right tights and beautiful heels, you’ll just look like Blair Waldorf! Also it’s colour is very warm and “Christmassy”. Although I first wanted to combine the bordeaux colour with bright pink in the Sonia Rykiel way, I decided to go for black in the end. Black is always good for a festivity! The heels are quite high, but since you’ll be sitting all evening anyway you’ll feet will be able to survive!

I celebrate Christmas at home, but some of you will go celebrate at your aunt’s or grandparent’s. Since we’ll maybe have a white Christmas this year, I’ve selected a warm but fashionable coat. The black cape is to die for! The little details like the collar really make it a must-have piece! Although I already have my cape for this winter, I really wish I had known about this one first. I definitely would have saved my money for this one.. Too little, too late.

As I said I’m not a fan of lots of accessories for a family gathering, so I stayed with the basics. A Chanel bag, which I adore and a small golden Tiffany and Co ring. Most of the time I only like the leather Chanel bags, but this red fabric is just too fabulous for words. Timeless as always…

What will you be wearing for you Christmas Eve party?