Baby it’s cold outside..*

by Maxime_Morel

Baby it's cold outside

‘Baby it’s cold outside’, not only a song by Astrid Bryan and numerous other artists, but also a fact! Although it’s only fall, I already feel winter and snow coming up! They say this winter will be one of the coldest ever! So I guess Belgium will be covered under a snow blanket, the streets will become slippery and the traffic will be going mad (since nobody can drive in this weather..). Thank god, with Winter also comes Christmas and New Year’s Eve!

Some of you will celebrate their first Christmas at and with your boyfriend’s/girlfriend’s family. Because it will be your first Christmas together, I believe you need to make a flawless impression. Not only do you need to mannered, but you also need to find a perfect Christmas present. In this week’s ‘look of the week’ I’ve put together some suggestions for you to get inspired and find that perfect gift!

This year the Scandanavian print is a huge trend! Of course on sweaters and scarves, but also on bags, hats, gloves and even leggings! I am totally in love with this beige reindeer long sleeve top by Philip Lim. It’s SO cute! You can buy it for yourself or maybe for your sister in law. For a niece, I have selected this ADORABLE strawberry cap. I personally am a fan of the Ugg ear warmers. They are very warm and soft, but not over the top with lots of fur!

As you might have noticed, these items are all for women. The everlasting problem is and remains: What do you need to buy for men? I’d say: Go with a bottle of champagne, wine or a large bottle of Belgian beer. That’s always fine! But be sure that whatever you buy, the person getting the present, will like/love it! If your not sure that they will like it, just stay safe with perfume or flowers or a gift voucher such as Bongo. It may be impersonal, but it’s the tought that counts!

I don’t think that you will be going to your Christmas dinner party in leggings and Uggs, so the perfect Christmas outfit is coming up next week! Make sure you check it out!