Safari chic..*

by Maxime_Morel

Well one of my dreams has definitely come true.. attending the Michael Kors show was just fabulous! He’s one of my all time favorite designers just because he always makes very wearable clothing, keeping the women’s body in mind. This all-time American sweetheart had probably the most amazing front row during this New York Fashion week. There were photographers EVERYWHERE. But with celebrities and fashionistas like Julia Restion Roitfeld and her mother Carine Roitfeld, Michael Douglas, Nina Garcia, Rachel Zoe, etc.. what else can you expect?

This latest MK collection did have a lot of Michael Kors’ signatures. There were for instance the one shoulder dresses, the divine sweaters and the sporty swimsuits. Still this collection remained totally different from all of the ones before. Kors has delivered some luxurious but still very comfortable pieces that makes you want to go on a Safari immediately. The collection is called Afriluxe, which you can see on every aspect. Long dresses, chic accessories, cashmere, … Even the music wanted you to go to Africa. With Adele’s “Rolling in the deep” African mix, you already got that Safari feeling.. So who’s coming to Africa next year for a Safari dressed in Michael Kors? Boys are allowed too, since he has made some amazing hot outfits for men! I was very happy to see some of my favorite male Lacoste models on the runway, such as Corey, Armando and Clement.

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So.. when do we leave?