Elevator chit chat

by Maxime_Morel

Although summer is the time to relax and to enjoy your holiday, mine is always kind of busy.. That’s why my blog hasn’t been really updated with new posts or facts going on in my life as well as in fashion wonderland.. I’m very sorry for that, but I’m happy to announce to you that my blog and I are back in business!!

July was filled with lots and lots of work!! 6 days out of 7 I was earning money at the postal office as well as at the bakery. So you can understand that I didn’t really have a lot of spare time. Most of my extra time I spend on sleeping and catching up with friends. But now it’s August and the time for partying and just making the best of my holiday has arrived! Unfortunately the Belgian weather hasn’t been as good as we hoped it would be, but thank God I’ll be seeing some sun in September.. Yes you guys, I’m going back to New York for fashion week!!! I’ll be in the big apple from 30 August until 17 September, so my blog will be updated daily with my adventures, model news, behind the scenes features and my fashion founds! So check my blog regularly, give some comments on the posts and I’ll be even more motivated to keep on writing what’s going on in my NYC-life!

Since a few weeks I also have a Twitter-account. I particularly made one to be able to follow Vogue, CFDA, BelmodoTiany, etc., a lot of people in fashion! I don’t really have tweeted a lot, cause what’s the point on tweeting if you have only 4 followers? But I do get updated on what’s going on in the Fashion industry! You can follow me @Maxime_Morel!! The more followers I get, the more I’ll be tweeting!

One of my favorite groups to follow is @Condeelevator. For those who don’t know Conde Nast is a worldwide magazine publishing company, that also publishes W and Vogue. The company has offices all over the world, and of course also in New York. On the account you can read all of the “elevatorgossip” and small talk. I have to admit.. The bitchiness and the superficiality is sometimes to obvious, but in the end I could see myself in that elevator probably having the same thoughts.  If you are ever in thé Conde Nast elevator yourself, you can e-mail what you’ve heard to condeelevator@gmail.com, and maybe your info will be posted on Twitter! @Condeelevator has only been active since 6 August and has already over 36000 followers! That’s what they call popularity…

These tweets I just love:

Girl 1: “Is this skirt totally see through?” Girl 2: “No! No! Looks great.” Guy, after they exit: “That skirt was totally see through.”

[silence] [silence] [silence] [silence] [silence] [silence] [silence] [silence] Summer Intern: “Was that…?” Intern #2: “Yeah” #annawintour

Fashion Girl Fl 12: Do these shoes make me look like I have cankles? Fashion Guy: No, they just have really fat straps.

Girl #1: I love that necklace, I saw it at Banana last week and almost bought it too. Girl #2: [flips hair] This is Gucci.

[Guy walks into elevator wearing “Legalize Gay” t-shirt] Teen Voguer: That shirt is so two months ago.

[Elevator on the ground level.] Lady: Is this going up?

Girl #1: She’s making me run a million errands this afternoon. Girl #2: Oooh, will you bring me an iced coffee on your way back?

Girl: Omigod I love your dress so much I wish there was a ‘like’ button I could press.

Keep on following me.. and also on Twitter! 😉