iPhone = a new start..?!*

by Maxime_Morel

Well I’ve got some great news for you guys! Wherever I am, I can now keep you all up-to-date with what’s going on in Fashion, etc… cause this girl has bought an iPhone! Although I always asked myself: “How can any one give that much money to a smartphone?” I eventually bought one my own. And I have to admit: it was an AMAZING decision!

While being in New York I started doubting if I shouldn’t buy one in the future. EVERYBODY has one! And if they don’t have an iPhone they’ll have a Blackberry or an HTC. While I was searching my way around the city with maps, all the models found their way on their smartphones. That became my argument n°1.

I really need my iPod daily. It’s horrifying travelling on the bus (in the morning, while being still half a sleep) and being obliged to listen to all of people’s boring stories. So when my iPod always suddenly shut down, I started to think that maybe after 5 years he finally was “dead”. So I was actually obliged to buy a new one.. This was my argument n°2 (since iPhone also has iPod 😉 )

In October, I had to interview a journalist in Diegem. So me and my friend went by train. In stead of ending up in Diegem, we suddenly were in Leuven! All the way to Leuven and back, without an interview, for no reason. It’s obvious that the NMBS (the Belgian train service) had made a mistake with there scheme on their website. If I had had a smartphone I would have been able to check what went wrong. So that’s n°3.

Finally, working for Music for Life, was the last drop. We needed to go from Antwerp to Ostend. Of course you take the highway then. BUT the GPS wanted to let us leave the highway all the time. All the way! I can assure you, that it is VERY frustrating at 6 am! So then I realized: I have to have an iPhone..

So last week I bought one and changed my subscription from Mobistar to Mobile Vikings. This last change may be good, because it is way cheaper, but it also means that I needed to get a new SIM and all my old texts would be gone. As you may or may not know: I’m someone who doesn’t really delete her texts. I love reading them over and over again. They always remind me of the good times they indicate: for instance a party with friends or someone’s bdaybash. And if I can read black on white that my friends also had an amazing time, there always appears a smile on my face. The texts I keep indicate the people that care about me a lot. Or have cared about me (but not any more). Sometimes I even keep texts to remind me of the mistakes I’ve made. So I wouldn’t make them again.

Although all of those memories will always remain in my mind, it’s nice to be able to read them over and over again. Cause even if some times have passed by, they can sometimes still make me feel good about myself and make me smile.. But I guess & hope that new texts are coming in the future, that I also won’t be able to delete. And until then I always got my memory..