Now where is the summer?*

by Maxime_Morel

Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE SNOW! But only for skiing or for a snow fight, NOT in Belgium! Thank god the snow has melted, but now everything seems so dark and grey.. Or is it just me studying? Exams are so boring! A whole day behind your desk, typing, marking and writing down the most important things. Well it’s not easy in christmas/holiday times…

Last week I feel like I haven’t done a thing! I couldn’t concentrate, was dreaming the whole time, was planning new year’s eve and thinking about what I’m going to do AFTER my exams. Well I can assure you, that wasn’t a good plan. Now I can’t wait to go skiing, I don’t want to start studying and I’m getting stressed out when I see what I still have to do. I must say I’ve found the sollution… Let your mom change your facebookpassword! I’m embarrassed to tell you that facebook (and chocolate off course) is my main addiction in times like these.. Before you know it you have again lost half an hour of time! Now I can’t log in, so I can’t get distracted. Unfortunately there’s always fashion.

When I just want a break I start reading Vogue, Marie Claire or I just go to, checking out some S/S 2011 shows I haven’t seen yet. OMG I just want to go shopping! All of those pretty happy colours make me want to go on vacation, to a tropical island and just lay by the sea. I’m thinking the Dominican Republic, Maui, Cuba or Malaysia. And these are some thing I would LOVE to wear…

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Now there is only one thing left do to (except for the studying).. Getting myself bikiniproof. Got some tips? You can always leave a comment..