The hardest choice…*

by Maxime_Morel

Every year I ask myself the same question: What am I going to do the 31st of December? Shall I go to a NYE-party or just have a nice get-together with some friends and champagne? Well, the previous years I didn’t have much to choose.. I had a lot of exams right after my holiday, so it mainly came down to this: friends, champagne and a lovely dinner! (Although last year I came home at 6.30 AM!. Well I have to admit, it was a fun NYE!!)

This year I finally have the chance again to go to a NYEparty!! What, Who, Where (and of course when) are already decided.. The only and hardest thing to decide is this: What should I wear?? A black dress is always good, but also very safe.. Colour is fun, but since it is winter, you can’t go too colourfull or too short! (I don’t want to freeze if I (maybe) have to stand in line!) So although I go for safe (a little black dress) and kind of vintage (I already have it for 4 years..) and comfortable (I still adore my cute dress), I find net-a-porter the perfect online shop to find your perfect NYE dress.. This is my selection..

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Let me know what YOU’re going to wear!