L.A. Candy vs. The Hills

by Maxime_Morel

Do not be mistaken. L.A. Candy isn’t the newest spin off of the Hills (NOT like The City). It actually is the first novel of Lauren Conrad. Indeed one of the main characters of The Hills. The novel is a New York Times Bestseller, so I HAD TO read it! I heard about it a couple of months ago (before my departure for NYC) while watching the Wendy Williams Show (youtube 😉 ) and apparently the novel was published last year. So I bought it in..what else, New York..


The beautiful Lauren Conrad with her first novel: L.A. Candy


Life has been hectic the past few weeks, so I didn’t have much time to read.. But when I did, I read like crazy! It’s such a page turner! The story is based on LC’s (aka Lauren Conrad) life, during her time on the show. It has some fantasized aspects in it and off course the characters’ names were changed. Still you can figure out which character is based on which “The Hills”-cast member.

Just like in “The Hills” two best friends, Jane and Scarlett move to L.A.. Their motto: We’re tired of being comfortable and came here to be uncomfortable. Only internships, going to school, partying, friendships on the line, no parents to lead on, meeting new people and of course their first taste of celebhood. When they are approached by Trevor, who wants to cast them for a reality show, their lives get on high speed. Suddenly they have camera crews all over the place, get texts about what they should act like (it has to look good on screen, you know..) and have to become friends with Madison and Gaby, two other cast members.. It doesn’t mather if they like them or if they don’t, you just have to act like you DO like them, all for the show. Reality, yeah right…

If LC’s life on the show was indeed just as the life described in this novel, I can’t blame her for quitting the show. You can’t be yourself and even when you are acting the way you really are, everything can be put in a different perspective by the editing of the frames..

Thank god Jane’s love life is as interesting as Lauren’s. It’s so obvious that Jane’s character is based on Lauren’s. I’m pretty sure Braden (the guy she really likes) is based on Brody. Although their relationship is complicated and they pretend only to be friends, you always notice the tension between them. It’s so romantic. But when Jane meets Braden’s best friend, and notorious playboy Jesse, she falls head over heels. She’s constantly doubting her feelings of both boys. Her insecurities are being abused by Madison. She ruins Lauren by bringing out a terrible gossip, all out of jealousy, just because she can’t handle the fact that Jane is the REAL star of L.A. Candy..

The novel has an open ending, so you HAVE to buy the sequel: Sweet Little Lies, to know how the situation between, Jane, Madison, Braden, Jesse and Scarlet will develop. Tomorrow I’m going to buy Sweet Little Lies and when I read it, I’ll let you know my opinion of it 😉


Sweet Little Lies