I can run, but I can’t hide…

by Maxime_Morel

Just like last year I get confronted with my life all over again. Last year there were images of New York all over the place, now it’s fashion shows, behind the scenes footage, interviews with Natalie Joos, pictures on style.com. All the time it feels like I am living this dream and I can’t wake up. Again last night with Telefacts, subject: behind the scenes at Paris Fashion Week…

My mom had seen the advertising for this weeks episode so she told me that I had to watch it! We didn’t know if Natalie would be in the show, but just after 3 minutes she already aired! I was amazed that I had worked for her all over again. And I really do hope that the plan for helping her again next summer will work out! The only thing I could think of during the report was “I had to be there too”. In a way it felt like I was there, since I recognized some models. For instance: Ajak, Pauline, Marike… And the last one I see A LOT! She’s even in the window of the BCBG store, here in Antwerp. So when I really want to think back of my weeks in New York I just pass by the store. She reminds me of casting days, fitting days and in the end: the actual show.

Every day I know that fashion is what I want to do, what I am made to do. That thought makes me want to quit school every single day. The subjects aren’t me. They aren’t lifestyle, fashion,… They’re just boring. I just have to keep going like I’m a robot for 3 months and then I can finally do what I want! My internship with De Rode Loper! Fashion, Lifestyle, famous people, concerts, research and maybe even be there while they are shooting.

I just miss fashion every day. And although I keep my eyes wide open on the streets and on the internet (you have to check out style.com!) it isn’t the same vibe as in New York. In the city I got inspired every single second of every single day. And now I really have to search for it. The only thing I can think of is that I have to stop trying and let the inspiration come to me.. Just like love has to come to you and you’ll never find it when you are really searching for it..

Thank God I took a lot of pictures during my stay in NYC. Cause now I’m having this amazing collage in my room.. All beautiful and exciting memories. I’m really proud of it and of myself.