Time to say goodbye and make the best of my final day..

by Maxime_Morel

Hi guys,

some of you may be glad that I’m coming home, other ones might hate it. I count myself with the ones who hate it. My final full day in the city had arrived so I had to enjoy and make the best of it.

Marry for love and look like you married for money ❤

After my suitcases were packed and I cleaned the appartment, I met my downstairs neighbour for coffee. Danielle has a bakery with the most amazing cookies! I have 5 packages to bring home!!! I hope she also sends them to Belgium, cause you guys have to taste them!

After the coffee I was going to meet  Greta near Soho. On the train I saw a great quote. It’s now one of my favorites.

Greta and I were going to Tokio 7, a rather famous consignment store. I had to check it out! And I’m glad I did! I loved a lot of the stuff they had! I even was doubting to try on a Chanel suit, but didn’t do it in the end. When would I wear a suit? BUT I did find some amazing dresses. In the end I bought this amazing pink Marc Jacobs dress with a bow in the back! I love it! And more important: it fitted me perfectly! I can wear it for going to school, to have drinks and to go clubbing. It’s bright and not black! I’m amazed by it!

The sun was shining, so afterwards we went to hang out in Central Park. It will always be my favorite thing about New York City. Most of you think that I would prefer the shopping, the stores, the people, the streets or the architecture.. But Central Park has captured my heart. When we were talking about the park and the city I already got tears in my eyes. Once again I realised how much I love this city and everything about it.

To end up our afternoon together we went to Whole Foods. It is the most amazing food store in the world! All of the fruits are presented in piramides, the mushrooms are seperated by sorts and even the mozarella lays in large containers with ice to keep it cool. Amazing! I went to get a fruit salad for my breakfast tomorrow morning.

When we left Whole Foods, we got something to eat at P.J. Clarke’s. I was there last year with my parents and definately wanted to go back! We had the most amazing backed lasagna! It was SO GOOD!

Finally we took a cab home and when we said goodbye I really felt bad. Greta had been amazing the whole time I was here and really became a friend! I really know we’ll stay in touch!

My suitcases are packed and the season premiere of 90210 and Gossip girl is on tonight. I’m going to leave you guys. Next update will be when I’m back in Belgium. I land wednesday at 8:05 in the morning. If you want to pick me up from the airport, text me, so I can cancel my cab!

Love you guys and (unfortunately) see you soon! x