Cynthia Steffe made the sun shine on a cloudy and rainy day..

by Maxime_Morel

Hi everyone!

As promised I’m going to give you guys a sneek peak behind the scenes of Cynthia Steffe. The show was today at 5pm and as expected I loved it! The collection made all the clouds in the sky disappear. I can’t wait until next summer, to finally have my own Cynthia Steffe piece.

As for every show we had to cast a lot of models. When they came in and Shaun K. liked them, they could try something on. It made that you could already get a picture of how the show was going to be. All the clothes hung in a beautiful and large space on the 10th floor of a building on Fashion Avenue.

Collection (love that yellow dress!)

"Mood" bord with all the wonderful fabrics

What a space!

Gina going over all the girls (behind her)

When I got up this morning I didn’t know what I had to do. Natalie hadn’t told me, so I texted her. Apparently my job is done. All I could do was come to the Cynthia Steffe show around 4pm. Afterwards we were going to go to the Pamela Love jewelry presentation. So from 10:30 am-4pm I didn’t have anything to do. Therefor I went for a burger (I had to have eaten at least ONE in NYC!). At 5 Napkin Burger I ordered an Italian Turkey Burger. It was DELICIOUS!!! SO GOOD!!! Since I hate eating alone I was reading Twilight at the same time. My god, I am HOOKED on that book! I already saw the three movies, but I want to have finished all the books BEFORE the 4th movie comes out.

Arriving at the Cynthia Steffe show, everything seemed to be under control. Gina has done such an amazing job! Seeing all the clothes, I fell in love all over again. Unfortunately one of my favorite pieces: a dressed up jumpsuit, didn’t get the show in the end. It was replaced by another one, which I liked as well! All the outfits also had amazing shoes! High and big heels, chic, but still casual, and they seem to be SO COMFORTABLE! And that counts actually for all the clothes. Everything is very wearable, something I find very important. They are chique, but not TOO chique, which means that you can wear them for work, as for an event, as for drinks, as for… (fill it in for yourself)

Love them!

While I was waiting on the second row for the show to begin, André Leon Talley, yes indeed Anna Wintour’s right hand, paied a visit backstage! I would have killed to have seen him, but I was to busy checking all the people front row. SHAME ON ME! I did see Joanna Coles, editor in chief from Marie Claire. There was also a beautiful actress, whose name I don’t know. She was wearing one of the F/W 2010 dresses from Cynthia Steffe. When I get to lay my hands on a picture of that dress, it is GORGEOUS!!!

Cynthia Steffe F/W 2010

Check this out: Cynthia Steffe S/S 2011 Finale!!

Full collection

After the CS show Natalie and I hurried up to Pamela Love, because all the models were late! Natalie started calling all the agencies to find out where all the girls were. I wanted to help, but I don’t know all the agencies’ numbers by heart. Because I was holding my umbrella (STUPID RAIN) I couldn’t really get to the number sheet. In the end everything turned out fine when the last one Erin turned up as well.

Erin Axtell and Victoria Brito

Being a part of the presentation from a CFDA-award nominee is such an honour. It was said that Anna Wintour would come and check the collection herself, but because of the Tommy Hilfiger show and the rain she didn’t make it. Diane Von Furstenberg was still coming, but I didn’t see her.. Unfortunately, cause she makes the most amazing dresses!

Hopefully it won’t rain tomorrow since it will be my last full day here in the big apple! 😦 I’m planning on going to Central Park with Greta, so I can say goodbye to her as well. If I have time Tokio 7 is still on my list, we’ll just wait and see what the weather will be..