My first backstage experience EVER!

by Maxime_Morel

Hi guys!

This is an update of what I’ve been upto yesterday.

First I had to bring the book with all the pictures of the models to Cynthia Steffe. While I was carying this large binder, I was feeling like Anne Hathaway in “The Devil Wears Prada”. In that movie she has to bring the final issue (before printing) to Miranda Priestley’s (Meryl Streep) house. It’s such a huge responsability. Not that my binder was as important as Anne’s, but walking around New York City with this huge binder just reminded me of it.

Cynthia Steffe is in good company (Jill Stuart, Ralph Lauren, Donna Karan, Oscar de la Renta,...) all located in the same building!

After dropping of the binder I went to Lacoste where the final day of fitting had arrived. I didn’t need to do anything anymore for Lacoste, but I had to find out on what girls we had a first option for the Pamela Love presentation. It was actually a Fit to Confirm. That means that every girl we want to see, comes to the location, fits on the outfit (in this case jewelry) and then we officially confirm her. When I wanted to start doing that, Natalie announced that we were going to the Michael Angel show at Lincoln Center. It was my first time backstage and I was so impressed! I already had a sneak peak of his collection and I liked it, but it wasn’t really my style. I’m all for colour, but not different prints on one outfit. But when I saw it on the runway I changed my mind. It was actually very pretty and girly. The fact that he uses latex, I find really fascinating. It looked really good on all the models.

Backstage: Shiny, Shimmery, Prints and Latex... It's Michael Angel!

Michael Angel Interview

After the show Natalie and I took a cab back downtown. Lacoste was the destination. On our way she got a call from Australian Harpers Bazaar! Yes she’s known down under too! They asked her how her day looked like during Fashion Week, what shows she’s doing, … And she mentioned me! I couldn’t believe it! While she was telling them that I was really doing a good job, I started blushing like crazy!!! It was one of the biggest compliments I had ever had! I don’t even have the words to describe how I felt: Excited, extremely satisfied, happy, blushing, … They are ALL applicable. Apparently she likes working with me (and I LOVE working with her) and she even told me that I could come back next year! I so hope that works out!!!

Back at Lacoste I started calling all the agencies, while Shaun and Natalie were dubbelchecking all the models. Around 3pm (I think) I already had to go to the Risto Bimbiloski show to check if all the girls were there. There were 17 models and 8 of them had shows before ours. So it was stressy to see if everyone would arrive on time. One of them was Pauline Van der Cruysse. A Belgian 19-year-old running around New York City for Fashion Week. She couldn’t even do the Risto Finale, cause she had to go to Soho for a (yes you are reading it correctly) Marc Jacobs Fitting!

Pauline Van der Cruysse (Marilyn)

Since it was hard to get a cab all day she was so kind to share her ride with me and Natalie! She’s such a sweet girl! I really hope she’s going to make it! Marc Jacobs is a great start for doing that. In front of the Lacoste building a cupcake stand had installed. Check this out! (I loved the chocolate one! But way too much whip cream on top for my taste!)

Cupcake sweetness

It was a very long day. From 9am-10pm, but I had the BEST TIME! Going backstage at 2 shows, calling the agencies, having fun with Shaun and Natalie and then there was Fashion’s Night Out, organized by Vogue! The stores were closing, so I just went really quick to Victoria’s Secret (didn’t buy anything), and when I got out there was a cab just standing there! THANK GOD! It was the only one available at that time in massive crowded Soho, so I was very lucky to get one! I can tell you one thing: on Fashion’s Night Out, New York people go BANANAS!