Some time to figure some things out and to live the dream…

by Maxime_Morel

Hi guys!

Today there was a change of plans. In stead of going to Risto I had to go to Lacoste, since Shaun asked Natalie if I could work with him again. I still had to confirm some of the male models for the show, this saturday. I have to admit, I got really annoyed! There was this one booker, who was giving me such a hard time while I already called him 10 times yesterday! In the end it worked out ok, but OMG how long can it take to book a model.. Apparently a while..

The models we had already booked could come for their fittings today. And I am so grateful for that! You probably wonder why.. Well it’s like this: I finally saw the 10 male models I booked again, in real life and I have to admit in a Lacoste-outfit they are SO HOT! You want to know my top 3? Well let’s see…

1. Julius Beckers

This German guy was so cute and charming while trying to speak French with the designer! He is with Red models.

2. Corey Baptiste

HOT AS HELL in a Lacoste-outfit! He looks so good wearing bright colours! Tell you all about it after the show! 😉

3. Sergio

Just one of those guys you would stare at while walking on the streets…

Again we had some sushi for lunch. Delicious again, but as the last time I just took something and put it in my mouth. It wasn’t pure Wasabi, but my mouth was on fire aswel! Thank god I was able to cover it, cause I think everybody would have started laughing at me :p French people do know good stuff. There is always a plate full of chocolate and I hate it, cause I’m touching it all the time! There are my kilos again.. aaaargh!

Around 3:30 pm I had to go to the Pamela Love casting. I would do it all by myself, together with Kendra from Launch collective, who does the presentation for Pam’s Jewelry. Because of Fashion Week a lot of the models were too busy to come to our casting, so we only saw 10 girls. That’s not much when you know the casting was from 5pm-8pm. Therefor I had a lot of spare time and it got me thinking..

While I could only wait, I started thinking and reading all of my text messages. What  you guys don’t know is that I have my own American number now, but there are still a lot of old texts in my phone from, well lets say: a while ago… They made me feel happy and sad at the same time. Happy cause it was one of the happiest moments in the last year, sad because that period is over. Not that I’m unhappy now, no I’m really loving my life, but sometimes you just want to be able to turn back time, you know?

My mom was so cute today! She sent me a text that she was really proud of me and asked me if I wouldn’t consider becoming a casting agent myself. It got me thinking as well. The only problem is: there is not really a future for that job in Belgium, so I have to move eventually… I don’t know if I want that.. Maybe production of fashionshows is my thing. There are so many things to think about, I don’t really know where to begin. Thank god I have still one more year to study and have the time to figure out what I want to become. But it will DEFINITELY be FASHION! I feel at home in this industry! Maybe I can do something in London, since Shaun asked me if I would like to come to that city straight after NYC. I’d LOVE to, but unfortunately I’m broke after NYC and all of my shopping.. Can’t any of you guys sponsor me? 🙂 I hope he’ll think about me the next time he needs someone! I’d love to do London Fashion Week as well!

After the Pamela Love casting (by the way check her jewelry here! It’s so cool!)I had to go to Risto’s, to talk with Natalie about the casting and the girls we would like to confirm. She wasn’t there when I arrived and after a couple of minutes she asked me to come downstairs and get some air. Apparently she just went for a short time to the opening of the new Chanel-store right across the street! It was so amazing! So many people and apparently Blake Lively was there as well! Karl Lagerfeld himself couldn’t be unpresent off course.. According to Natalie he had around 15 bodyguards! I can’t believe they were so close and yet so far away! It’s amazing! Natalie got a goodiebag with a beautiful Chanel scarf in it! One day, yes one day I’ll finally have my Chanel-purse.. I have to! I’ll have to save a lot of money, but the love never dies and will never die.. Chanel, mmm Chanel.. I’m going to dream about it tonight..

Chanel opening

Chanel opening

Sleep tight!* xo