Busy but I like it a LOT!

by Maxime_Morel

What a long long long day. And they probably will get longer. But I’m not complaining! Today I had to start picking up Natalie’s mail at 27th street. Afterwards I had to go to Starbucks and buy a copy of the magazine Numéro, since she’s in it! (How cool!) I brought all of that stuff to the CS offices where I met her, Gina and the stylist. We stayed there till noon and then left for Lacoste! (Yes you are reading it correctly!)

At Lacoste we saw some models, male and female. Some of them had to put on an outfit, so the designers could have a look at it. It gave me the opportunity to also have a sneak peak of this collection. I liked it, but I still had to switch a button in my head. Cause the difference between Lacoste, CS and Michael Angels is BIG! How big, what the difference is and what I preferred the most I’ll tell you in 4 days, after the CS show. Unfortunately I won’t be there backstage but I do hope I can be backstage at Lacoste! It would be a dream come true!

After seeing all the models we had to confirm them. Yes indeed WE! The fact that Natalie made me confirm the boys was so amazing! It means she trusts me, but on the other hand I can NOT screw up! It is way to important! Tomorrow all of the boys have to come fit the outfits, so I hope I’ll get a sneak peak of that as well 😉

Though I have to start with another label. It is called Risto Bimbiloski, and again I’ve never heared about it, since we don’t have it in Belgium. Again I’ll meet a lot of people, and the confirming of the models is also in my hands! I’m so proud of myself and really want to make Natalie and all of her assistants proud of me as well!

I don’t know if I’ll be able to give you an update tomorrow (and definately not friday since the Lacoste-show is on saturday) but I promise you, that when I have time I’ll write something here!

Love! x