Back stage passes to the collection!

by Maxime_Morel

Hi guys!

After a day at work I’m now sitting at home with a slice of cheese cake! It’s my first one EVER and I have to say I like it, but I don’t love it. Maybe I just bought the wrong kind, cause I don’t find it sweet enough.. You know I’m a chocoholic, so that’s probably the problem.

Today I had to help out Natalie’s assistent Gina at the casting for Cynthia Steffe. I have to admit I had never heard about the brand. When I got there and met Gina I knew it would be a fun day! She was so great, kind and funny, I really felt comfortable. I had the privilege to met Shaun Kearney, the creative director of Cynthia Steffe and in my opinion he has made an amazing collection for next spring/summer! Unfortunately I can’t really give details about dresses, shorts and stuff, cause I suppose it has to be secret until the show..

For lunch Sasha, the pr-agent with a great sense of style, told us that we could choose some sushi from the menu. Since I’m not really a sushi-fan I didn’t really know what to order so I just went along with the others. I had a spicy tuna roll and I have to admit: IT WAS DELICIOUS!! I love sushi now! Unfortunately I don’t think that they can make in Belgium as well as they make it here..

After lunch Natalie told me to go to a photo/music/…-store to return something. Afterwards I had to go to SoHo to help Janine out at the Michael Angels casting. At the store I really was losing my mind! I had to stand in line for 25 MINUTES!! just to return something. They were SO SLOW! Than I had to find the thing I had to buy for Natalie and therefore I had to wait again around 15 minutes! I couldn’t believe it! When I got what I needed I hurried to the C/E train so I would be in Soho a little bit faster. But then the train didn’t stop at Spring Street. STUPID LABOR DAY!!!! When I got out I was all down in China town at Canal Street and had to walk 5 blocks! I just took a cab, cause I got sick of it! Everything went wrong!

Thank god I had a great time at Michael Angels’! Again I saw a sneek peak of the collection that will be shown this friday at 12pm! Beautiful, but not something I would wear.. But again I’ll come back to that when the collection has been showed!

As you see I didn’t go to the Lacoste-thing. Unfortunately. But I got to know a lot of great and interesting people. So it was definately worth it! Again I learned a lot and if I don’t have to do the Lacoste-show anymore, I won’t shed a tear over it. Getting to know, less famous and upcoming designers is very appealing as well. Maybe in a few years they are getting as big as Marc Jacobs and then I can say I had the opportunity to work with them.. I LOVE IT!