From “How should you go to castings” to castingday n°1..

by Maxime_Morel

Hi guys! I’m still alive! I’m sorry it’s also an update from yesterday, but I was just too tired to do anything! The heat is killing me! It’s SO HOT, thank god for airconditioning!

Yesterday seemed to become a day at the office, but just 5 minutes after my arrival there was a change of plan. “How to get through New York Fashion Week?” it’s a question ALL new models have. Therefore Natalie (, Greta, she’s the other intern, and I) had to go to Union Square so Natalie could give some tips and tricks to new models in town. I’ll give a short list:

  • How should you dress if you go to a casting?

If it’s a casting for a Spring/Summer-show, casting agents want to see legs. So definitely wear something short like             a short dress, skirt or hotpants. On top a tight shirt that shows your figure. Wear comfortable shoes, so you can run around town easily and bring (very) high heels. These you can put on before you enter the room.

  • Do models have to wear make-up?

No. Maybe just a little mascara, so the eyes come out even better. A casting agent wants to see the skin, if it’s good or if it’s not…

  • What about diets?

Do not start to stop eating! Just work out a little bit. You have to have always a snack in your bag and lot’s of water to keep hidrated. (Especially with this weather!)

Afterwards Greta and I went to Pier 59 studio’s. We had to deliver all the maps, lights, and other stuff that is needed during casting.

Today was the first of probably to amazing days! More than 170 girls came to the Lacoste-casting. Yes, indeed Lacoste! I’m so proud to say that I can be a part of this process. Lacoste is such an amazing sporty-chic brand!

At first I had to print out all the pictures taken at the casting and put them with the according model-card. It’s amazing to see how models look in “real life” and on pictures! It’s freaky! Sometimes I really had to search for the right face because the girl looked so different! That’s what makes a model a GOOD model. The more looks you have, the better.

After lunch I switched with Greta. She had been letting the girls in, so everything went smoothly. Now that was my job. I have to say: I met a lot of nice girls. Ford has definately the most beautiful girls, but IMG definitely the most sympathetic ones. I met Ali, a 19-year old girl who has been modelling full-time for a year and Liliane, a Swedish and beautiful 17-year old girl. There was also Ajak Deng. She had the most beautiful smile, was charismatic and had the most amazing legs! We’ll see if she’ll become the new Alek Wek!

Ali Stepka

While walking home a suddenly saw a lighted Empire State Building! Greta took a great picture of me and the statue!

Empire State, beautiful

Tomorrowmorning we still have a lot of girls to see and in the afternoon it’s the mens-casting. I’m SO looking forward to that! I really wouldn’t mind sitting with them and telling them who’s next.. It will be an amazing day, if you know what I mean 😉

Hope to be able to give you guys an update tomorrow as well, but I can’t promise..